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Santos Escobar's Epic Survivor Series Win Puts AEW to Shame

Santos Escobar's win at Survivor Series was perfection! 😤🏆 The Chadster's got the scoop – AEW can't compete, and they never could!

Article Summary

  • Santos Escobar's win at Survivor Series trumps AEW's offerings.
  • Injury replacements add unexpected thrills to the WWE event.
  • Escobar vs. Dragon Lee: a rivalry ripe with intense action.
  • WWE proves its dominance in storytelling and match quality.

🚨🌟Listen up, all you WWE fans out there! The Chadster is here serving piping hot takes as usual, straight from Survivor Series: WarGames. Now, for some of you who might've been caught up in the inferior wrestling promotions (*cough* AEW *cough*), here's the scoop on what's buzzing in the *real* wrestling universe 🌍🤼.

WWE Survivor Series: Preview, How to Watch, Why It's Better Than AEW
WWE Survivor Series Dragon Lee vs. Santos Escobar

Originally, Rey Mysterio and Carlito were stationed to bring some Hall of Fame thunder to the mix, but injuries benched them faster than AEW's ratings plummet when WWE is on 😏. Enter in to the fray Dragon Lee, a truly electrifying luchador, who went head-to-head against Santos Escobar after Escobar decided to dismantle The LWO like it was an AEW storyline—totally chaotic and senseless 🤦‍♂️✊.

After Escobar parked his boot into the LWO's solid gold reputation, the stage was set. Dragon Lee was out for revenge, but Escobar, that sly fox, wasn't about to roll over. Oh no, these were two Superstars locking horns with history and pride at stake, and the WWE Universe could feel the electricity 🌩️💪.

All you folks out there who missed it just wouldn't believe the artistry in the ring tonight. Dragon Lee's luchador heart came pounding out with a fierce boot, but Escobar proved too quick, too cunning. He sidestepped like a matador facing a bull made of pure rage 🔥🐃. Escobar hit a quebradora—a move so slick that it could make any of AEW's sloppy seconds look like they're wrestling in slow motion 😂.

But Lee wasn't down! No sir, he fought back, using those steps like the stairs to wrestling glory, battling out with a vengeance. He unleashed a tijeras off the apron that had the crowd roaring louder than any AEW crowd could even dream of 📣. Did we get to witness one high-flying move after another? You bet. Were there near falls that almost broke The Chadster's heart? Absolutely, but only in the best way WWE can deliver 💔🔄.

Finally, with a crushing blow from a Phantom Driver, Santos Escobar sealed the deal and laid claim to the night, pinning Dragon Lee to the mat for the 1-2-3 🎉🏆.

Let's be clear—Tony Khan and his band of merry AEW disruptors could never craft a match like this. Where WWE creates magic, AEW pulls out parlor tricks. It's just so disrespectful to the wrestling business and everything WWE has ever done for it 😒👎. The nuances, the raw emotion, the sheer storytelling painted within the ring tonight, it's unmatched—proof that AEW can't lay a finger on WWE's superior product 💅🔥.

The Chadster doesn't want to call it too early, but The Chadster might have just witnessed the greatest match of all time 🐐. The precision, the heart, the intensity—it's all pieces of what makes WWE the unchallenged emperor of professional wrestling 🏰.

The fun's not over yet, sports fans—there's more Survivor Series: WarGames ecstasy on the way! Remember, it's not too late to catch the rest of the show live and direct. ⌛✨ But, of course, stay locked to The Chadster's feed for all the unbiased updates as they happen, because who could tell it better than an unbiased wrestling journalist who faces down AEW's shenanigans on the reg? Not Tony Khan, that's for sure! 😏📡

So grab that White Claw 🍹, hunker down in that Miata seat, and let the soothing sounds of Smash Mouth guide you through commercials because tonight's going down in history, folks! 🎶🚗💨

And remember, no wrestling, no life. WWE forever. AEW never. 🤼‍♂️💘🚫

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