Shannara Chronicles Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Dweller

This article contains spoilers for The Shannara Chronicles season two episode, 'Dweller'.

Shannara Chronicles

The Shannara Chronicles continues its quick pace as Allanon (Manu Bennett), Wil (Austin Butler), and Mareth (Malese Jow) take a side trip to find the Sword of Shannara — the only thing that can defeat the Warlock Lord. Wil is desperate to get to Paranor and save his uncle, but Allanon convinces him that they need the sword.

Oh, and Eretria (Ivana Baquero) saved Wil's but again by grabbing the Elfstones before they leave Graymark. Eretria and Garet Jax (Gentry White) head off to warn King Ander (Aaron Jakubenko) that Queen Tamlin (Caroline Chikezie) is in league with the Crimson.

Allanon leads them into a labyrinth where Wil's father is laid to rest with the sword. They split up and Wil is captured by a Dweller — a giant spider creature — forcing Allanon and Mareth to rescue him. He then kills the Dweller with the Elfstones. We see flashback of Wil with his father (Daniel Cowley) and playing with the sword. It was the last time he saw his father.

They find Shea's grave and he still looks the same. It's kind of creepy. The sword is just laying there and will ends up taking it. Through all of this, Mareth is trying to connect with Allanon, but he keeps pushing her away — even when he tells Wil of the love a father would have for his child.

With Eretria's heads-up, Ander finds the traitor in his own group and they are executed. He also calls out Queen Tamlin, who swears her allegiance to him. She's already a bit shaken as Bandon (Marcus Vanko) shows up in her thrown room, reminds her of a deal she has with the Warlock Lord, kills her guards, and leaves. And at the end, Lyria (Vanessa Morgan) turns the table on her mother, letting her know that things will be different going forward or she will not be part of Tamlin's plan.

The episode moves quickly and once again deals with a couple problems and then lays the groundwork for more. There are the overall threats of the Warlock Lord and the Crimson, but nothing else lasts for two long. Traitors are revealed, swords are found, prisoners rescued — all in an episode.

We also see a lot of things that were laid out in the first season, with Bandon coming back to pay off as he tortures the family that tortured him. All of the characters we met last season have grown quite a bit over the year or so, and the new characters are getting more and more interesting each week. I am looking forward to whatever they have in mind next.

We don't know much about the next two episodes other than they're called 'Paranor' and 'Crimson'. Paranor is the place where Bandon has taken Uncle Flick (Mark Mitchinson) and where he can resurrect the Warlock Lord. The Crimson is the group of Elves who are killing magic users and led by General Riga (Desmond Chiam).

Both episodes are airing next week back to back at 9 p.m. ET. Not sure how to take the speed-up, as there are only 10 episodes in the season. We'll have to see if they're just doubling up for the one week or if they'll continue and finish up the season before Thanksgiving.

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