Smackdown Clips: Alpha Academy Explain; Street Profits Complain

WWE has released video highlights from Smackdown, including two online-exclusive interviews with talent conducted backstage but not aired on the show last night First of all, Kayla Braxton interviewed Alpha Academy after they scored another win over Rey Mysterio. Braxton tried to speak to Otis, but it was Shorty G who did all the talking.

Apollo Crews Cuts a Promo on WWE Smackdown
Apollo Crews Cuts a Promo on WWE Smackdown

"Oh, well, that's just part of the Alpha Academy film study technique," Shorty G replied when asked why he kept trying to play footage of Otis's heel turn last week. "I mean, what do you think I'm doing out there? We need to review the tape. We need to critique his form so we can improve. That's all that was. All right?"

Braxton again tried to get an interview with Otis for Smackdown, but Shorty G wasn't having it. "OK, don't stress my athlete. He's in recovery mode, OK? What are you trying to take more glycogen from his body, from his brain, make him think? He doesn't need that right now? He's recovering. All right? Just know, tonight was a huge first step. We're crushing legends like Rey Mysterio. It started tonight, and it's gonna continue. This was a big win for the Alphas. This was a big win for the Academy."

"For the Academy," Otis agreed.

Braxton also interviewed the Street Profits backstage, where Angelo Dawkins had a lot to say about WWE's uneven application of the rematch clause for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

"I mean, what do you think? Know what I'm saying? Is it fair? I mean, in the rule books, it says former champions get an automatic rematch bid. Now, it's funny that the Street Profits had to go to the back of the line, it seems. I mean, oh, I'm not going to say any names, but, ahem, Sonya, you want to be playing games for, Rolph and Roode. Look, Dolph and Roode. Y'all can only hide for so long, fam? All right? We keep telling y'all, dog, we gonna be everywhere y'all are until we get our titles rematch, OK? Tag team title rematch between myself, Tez, against y'all boys. I don't care if you're Dirty Dogs, Deputy Dogs, Top Dogs. It don't matter, because you know, and everybody else knows, the result that's gonna happen: the street profits are up…"

At this point, Montez Ford tried to finish the catchphrase, but he wasn't feeling up to it. So Dawkins continued, "We're gonna be in your dreams. We're gonna be in your nightmares. We're gonna be in your epiphanies. We gonna be in your Avatar state. We're gonna be on your TVs. You try to change the channel, we gonna be on the commercial saying "what you change the channels for? Because y'all scared. Y'all scared. Y'all know what's gonna happen? Take back season is only inevitable."

"It's only a matter of time before we get those Smackdown tag team championships back," Ford added. "Let's go get some doggone catering, man, I heard they got some ribeye in that motherf**ker."

Other highlights from Smackdown include a character revamp for Apollo Crews:

Another loss for Liv Morgan:

A Big Swing from Cesaro:

Bianca Belair choosing to face Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks at WrestleMania:

And some more drama related to the feud between Roman Reigns, Edge, and Daniel Bryan:

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