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WWE Is Reportedly In The Dog House With Both Of Its TV Networks
 That's never going to happen with wrestlers going on talk shows saying "I'm so and so and I portray [INSERT WRESTLER NAME] on Raw/SmackDown" or by having a blood-thirsty feud with another wrestler on TV and then posting pictures of them vacationing together on Instagram. While it has often been used as an excuse as to[...]
SmackDown Recap 12/3: Brock Lesnar Challenges Roman Reigns At Day 1
Hey gang!  So SmackDown last week was a lazy offering with only two things for us to take away: that Brock Lesnar's suspension was lifted and he's returning this week and that Sami Zayn is now the number one contender for Roman Reigns' Universal title  And that brings us to now, where those are the only things we can[...]
SmackDown Preview 12/3: Brock Lesnar Returns Live On Fox Tonight!
Hey gang!  WWE superstar Brock Lesnar has been suspended from SmackDown since October 22, when he went on an absolute rampage against The Bloodline and anyone else in his way, which happened to include WWE Official Adam Pearce, who Lesnar F-5ed twice during the assault  Pearce wasted no time in suspending Lesnar indefinitely, much to the delight of The[...]
SmackDown Recap 11/27:
Hey gang!  So it was a pretty lousy showing for the SmackDown brand at this past Sunday's Survivor Series, with the blue brand losing all of their matches, except Shinsuke Nakamura defeating Damien Priest via disqualification on the preshow and Roman Reigns defeating Big E in the main event[...]
SmackDown Preview 11/26: Survivor Series Fallout On Black Friday
 We last saw the superstars of SmackDown in a special appearance on this past Monday's episode of Raw  Unfortunately, that was all dominated by the idiocy of Vince McMahon's desperate search for a stupid egg and if that doesn't tell you everything right there, then I don't know what to say[...]
WWE Survivor Series This Year Was the Best It's Ever Been
When it comes to Raw and Smackdown, The Chadster is of the opinion that both brands are equally the best in all of sports entertainment But WWE Survivor Series is the one night a year when the superstars of Raw and the superstars of Smackdown compete to determine which brand is the best of the[...]
SmackDown Preview 11/19: Sasha Banks Seeks Revenge Against Shotzi
 And even though it's been a pretty short and unimpressive ride, there's still one last show to make a good impression with before Sunday and that's this episode of SmackDown  Will it accomplish that?  Well, there's only one way to find out, so let's get to it! We open things tonight with the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Usos,[...]
Hit Row Hit Job: Why WWE Called Up A Popular NXT Act To Kill Them
 But among the releases was also the shocking final nails in the WWE coffin of the highly promising former NXT faction, Hit Row, who seemed earmarked for WWE stardom when the entire faction was surprisingly selected by SmackDown in the recent WWE Draft  Yet now, after two recent rounds of releases, every member of the group are[...]
SmackDown Preview 11/19: Sasha Banks Seeks Revenge Against Shotzi
 Sasha Banks returned on SmackDown last week for the first time since being attacked by Shotzi (looks like the Blackheart portion of her name has been dropped now)  Since the attack, we've seen an all-new vicious attitude out of Shotzi and Banks is looking to put her in her place tonight. Sasha Banks vs Shotzi tonight on SmackDown,[...]
SmackDown Recap 11/12:
 We have one more Raw and two more episodes of SmackDown (including tonight) until the event, so I guess there's still some time to get fans invested  Well, as invested as they ever get these days I suppose  Anyway, let's see how they plan to accomplish this by taking a look at SmackDown tonight! Will Roman Reigns continue his dominance over[...]
Becky Lynch Speaks About Her Recent Issues With Charlotte Flair
As we covered back when it happened live on TV, SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch are currently entrenched in a real-life feud that culminated in a backstage blow-up between the two after Flair went into business for herself during a live TV segment  While the incident, along with other recent questionable behavior from Flair,[...]
SmackDown Preview 11/12- Will They Acknowledge Survivor Series?
Hey gang!  We are only nine days away from the annual Survivor Series pay-per-view event on Sunday, November 21, yet if you've been watching SmackDown lately, you would assume the brand has no idea that it's even happening  There's been little-to-no mention of the event and even less build for it  So with just over a week[...]
Hey gang!  Last week's SmackDown… had a lot of room for improvement  It was lacking in star power, had a small number of very short matches, and didn't really do much in furthering any storylines  But, it's a new week and tonight we at least know that WWE's top star, Roman Reigns, will be back so that[...]