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WrestleMania 36 Results Braun Strowman vs Universal Champion Goldberg

After the WrestleMania 36 rumors of Roman Reigns dropping out of the Universal Championship match against Goldberg were confirmed, WWE gave us our replacement; Braun Strowman. This seems like a cheap cop out, but ok. Fine. I'm sure this will be a quick match. With almost no build up between the two, it's hard to […]


WrestleMania 36 Results Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins; 24/7 Title

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins met in the antepenultimate match of WrestleMania 36 Night One on Saturday. Will Owens finally get his revenge on the "Monday Night Messiah"? We've got your results right here. Rollins made his way to the ring in an all-white outfit, grinning and arms outstretched. He looked like he got dressed […]

wrestlemania 36

WrestleMania 36 Results Daniel Bryan vs Sami Zayn

After weeks of back and forth, it's time for Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn's feud to reach its conclusion at WWE's WrestleMania 36. I've been mostly invested in this due to Bryan's excellent character work – from face to heel, and back to face. Zayn himself is also an excellent heel. The two are exceptional […]


WrestleMania 36 Results Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler

Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler finally faced off at WrestleMania 36 for Lynch's Raw Women's Championship. Lynch made her way to the WWE Performance Center driving her "The Man" truck, leaving it parked in the driveway and then walking the rest of the way to the building. While Lynch made her way to backstage, Baszler […]


WrestleMania 36 Kickoff: Drew Gulak vs. Cesaro Results [SPOILERS]

Drew Gulak and Cesaro kicked off WrestleMania 36 Saturday with a pre-show match. In addition to giving us our first taste of WrestleMania without an audience, and our first look at the set, the match also proved that even though WWE may have split WrestleMania into two different nights, there's still room for someone to […]

Raw: A special look at CM Punk's controversy-ridden tirade at the conclusion of Raw Roulette

WrestleMania 36: CM Punk Finds Crowdless Wrestling Impossible to Watch

Former WWE Superstar and current occasional WWE Backstage pundit CM Punk thinks WWE made the wrong decision by deciding to move forward with WrestleMania 36 instead of postponing it, and he's not afraid to say so. Punk dropped another one off his "pipe bombs" on the No-No Show podcast on Stitcher. On the podcast, Punk […]

Triple H: Putting on WrestleMania felt like an obligation to us | ESPN MMA

"WrestleMania 36": WWE Treating Taped Event More Like A Movie

WWE is looking to make the best of a tough situation when it comes to WrestleMania 36. Normally the biggest wrestling event of the year, held in a stadium with tens of thousands of audience members, WrestleMania 36 has been taped at the Performance Center, and matches have been changed around thanks to some wrestlers […]

Everything you need to know before tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown: WWE Now, April 3, 2020

"WWE SmackDown" Preview: Cena, Miz & Morrison Promise Rapper's Delight

WWE has announced some segments for tonight's edition of SmackDown on FOX, the "go-home" show for WrestleMania 36. Featured on the event are John Cena, who is set for a Firefly Funhouse match against Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend, and Miz and Morrison – who are set for a triple threat tag team ladder match […]

The Miz & John Morrison drop “Hey Hey” music video ahead of WrestleMania

WWE: Miz and Morrison Drop "WrestleMania" Rap Diss "Hey Hey" [VIDEO]

WWE Superstars The Miz and John Morrison have laid the verbal "smackdown" on their WrestleMania opponents. The tag team champions dropped a rap video dissing The New Day and The Usos. Called "Hey Hey," the video is available to watch on WWE's YouTube channel. In one scene, Miz and Morrison rap and dance as they're […]


WWE Network Free Access Deal Includes "WrestleMania" Library & More

Less than a week after the WWE announced Wrestlemania 36 will take place over two nights (Saturday, April 4, and Sunday, April 5, with Rob Gronkowski hosting) over coronavirus concerns and announcing a deal with ESPN to air classic WrestleMania events over three Sundays, a chunk of the WWE Network library is being made available […]

WWE SmackDown

"WWE SmackDown" Gets it Right with Quality Talent, Storylines [REVIEW]

This week has been huge in the wrestling world — so did WWE finish the week out strong? WWE SmackDown started with former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski coming out to the ring. Now, as a Baltimore Ravens fan, I'm naturally dispositioned to dislike everything associated with the Patriots. But Gronk is oddly charming and […]

Will BOOM!'s WWE Smackdown #1 Comic Spoil Fox's Friday Night Smackdown Debut? [Preview]

Will BOOM!'s WWE Smackdown #1 Comic Spoil Show's Fox Debut? [Preview]

WWE Smackdown #1 is in stores from explosive publisher BOOM! Studios next week (and how appropriate, with the wrestling company rumored to be bringing back pyro starting with next week's shows). A story from Kevin Panetta, Kendall Goode, and Serg Acuna will focus on Becky Lynch, and we've got a preview below. And the preview […]

WWE Smacdown's Move to Fox Gets Its Own Comic Starring Becky Lynch

WWE Smackdown's Move to Fox Gets Its Own Comic Starring Becky Lynch

In October, WWE Smackdown Live will move from USA to Fox's broadcast network, airing on Fridays and potentially exposing the company a new audience (but also to the threat of cancellation by the notoriously trigger-happy Fox). To celebrate, explosive publisher BOOM! Studios will publish WWE Smackdown Live #1, a special comic written by Kevin Panetta […]

WWE: Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff Named “Executive Directors” of Raw, SmackDown

WWE Names Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff "Executive Directors" of "Raw," "SmackDown Live"

It looks like WWE chairman Vince McMahon is going back to "The Attitude Era" well again, tapping former rivals Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as executive directors to help oversee Raw and SmackDown Live brands. The executive director will be the creative "stop-gap" before final authority goes to McMahon. WWE provided the details via ESPN. […]

Smackdown Live

Because U Demanded It: Smackdown Could Go Three Hours After Fox Move

Out of all the complaints about WWE's weekly televised programming — and there are a lot of them — probably the one most people can agree with is that there simply isn't enough of it! With just three hours of Raw, two hours of Smackdown Live, one hour of NXT, one hour of NXT UK, […]

Corey Graves' Wife Accuses WWE Commentator of Affair with Superstar

Professional wrestling has had a long tradition of having real life "storylines" that sometimes eclipse the stories being told in the ring – and in the age of social media, that "proud tradition" continues to burn along brighter than ever. Case in point: Corey Graves, ex-NXT professional wrestler and current WWE commentator – and now […]

What, WWE Worry? Smackdown Turns Away AEW Fans

For years, pro wrestling fans have clammored for the days of "The Monday Night Wars," when legit competition between wrestling companies brought out some of the best ("Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!!!), worst (David Arquette as WCW Champion?!?!), and bizarre (Mae Young gave birth to a…hand?!?!) in the battle for top of the pro wrestling food […]