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Daniel Bryan will ruin the WWE Smackdown ratings no more!
Daniel Bryan was to blame for Smackdown's recent run of bad ratings, and with the leader of the Yes! Movement banned from Smackdown, it can finally begin to grow into the ratings juggernaut it was always destined to be No further evidence is required than the ratings for this week's episode of Smackdown, which show[...]
The highlight of WWE Smackdown this week was Kayla Braxton's throwback look.
Missed WWE Smackdown last night? You're better off for it because you can take in the show much more quickly by watching the clips WWE posts to YouTube. The highlight of WWE Smackdown this week was Kayla Braxton's throwback look. The special throwback edition of WWE Smackdown began with the return of Jimmy Uso during the obligatory[...]
The Mysterios will challenge The Dirty Dawgs for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania Backlash.
Ahead of WWE Smackdown tonight, the fed announced one more match for WrestleMania Backlash, taking place the Sunday after next Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio will get a shot at the Smackdown Tag Team Championships held by Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, otherwise known as (ugh, we hate to say this), the Dirty Dawgs WWE[...]
Daniel Bryan wrestles Jey Uso on WWE Smackdown last week.
Bryan's contract, according to the report, ended after his WWE Championship match with Roman Reigns on Smackdown last week Bryan lost the match, and as per the stipulation, was forced to leave Smackdown The storyline served as a convenient way to write Bryan off the show if he chooses not to sign a new deal[...]
Like Bianca Belair and the Street Profits, WWE Smackdown was victorious in its ratings battle this week.
On the one hand, The Chadster is incredibly sad and disappointed that WWE Smackdown's viewership once again dropped below 2 million this week That Chadster thought for sure that Smackdown was on the way back up, especially with the big Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan title match airing on last night's show On the other[...]
WWE Smackdown will be a special "Go Back" edition next week.
Once again proving how similar the worlds of Comic Books and Pro Wrestling are, WWE surprise-announced a "Go Back" episode of WWE Smackdown last night in an attempt to counter ever-dwindling ratings Looking to nostalgia for a temporary ratings boost is a signature tactic of WWE, which continues to rely on fond memories for The[...]
It could be worse, Sami. WWE Smackdown could be three hours long like Raw.
This week on WWE Smackdown, Daniel Bryan fought Roman Reigns for the opportunity to go home and spend more time with his family Who came out on top? Do you even need to ask? Well, go ahead and read the recap/video highlights below. It could be worse, Sami WWE Smackdown could be three hours long like[...]
Kevin Owens and Big E find a way to look at the bright side of life on WWE Smackdown
It looks like WWE Smackdown is back to being the A-Show of WWE after WWE Raw briefly regained the title last week Smackdown was back above 2 million viewers on average this week, recovering from a temporary downturn to average 2.042 million viewers across two hours and a .5 for both hours in 18-49, according[...]
Roman Reigns will see you and Daniel Bryan next week on WWE Smackdown
In booking a Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan on WWE Smackdown this week, WWE ensured that, for the first time in a long time, something of consequence will happen during next week's show Either Daniel Bryan will defeat Reigns and win the Smackdown Championship, or he'll be sent packing to a[...]
Aleister Black Makes His Spooky Return to WWE Smackdown
Did they turn things around on WWE Smackdown this week? No But we promise it won't take long to read the recap anyway. Aleister Black Makes His Spooky Return to WWE Smackdown WWE Smackdown Results – April 23rd, 2021 Week after week, WWE Smackdown begins with a long, boring promo by Roman Reigns and whoever his rival is[...]
Roman Reigns needs a new challenger on WWE Smackdown tonight.
The preview for tonight's episode of WWE Smackdown is looking sparse even as the show's start time approaches Could Vince McMahon have arrived late at the arena and torn up the script again? WWE has just one match booked for Smackdown tonight and drama surrounding Roman Reigns' next challenger for the Universal Championship Surely more[...]
Roman Reigns wonders why he wasted his time watching WWE Smackdown live last night.
WWE has released video highlights from this week's episode of WWE Smackdown, once again prompting the question: why did we bother to spend two hours watching this crap on TV last night? Nevertheless, here we are, and if you managed to find something better to do with your time last night, good for you Now[...]
SmackdownRoman Reigns gets ready to watch another episode of WWE Smackdown
If only Michael Cole would be put out to pasture, this show might just be tolerable! Read on for a minimalist recap of WWE Smackdown. Roman Reigns gets ready to watch another episode of WWE Smackdown WWE Smackdown Results – Friday, April 16th, 2020 Roman Reigns kicked off Smackdown with a promo In an embarrassing new low for[...]
Match graphic for The Dirty Dawgs vs. The Street Profits for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships
After layoffs once again rocked the WWE Universe to its foundations, the show must go on, and so WWE Smackdown airs tonight at 8PM Eastern on Fox, and WWE has some plans with what's left of its roster Here's what's happening on WWE Smackdown tonight. First of all, Smackdown this week will feature another tag team[...]
Pat McAfee competes at NXT Takeover WarGames
In the latest big announcement, NFL star turned radio host turned celebrity wrestler Pat McAfee will join the WWE Smackdown commentary team, replacing Corey Graves in the color commentary role after Graves replaced Samoa Joe (who was then fired) on WWE Raw. "Good morning beautiful people…" McAfee tweeted along with a video making the announcement[...]