Smackdown Recap – Jey Uso Proves His Love for Roman Reigns

On WWE Smackdown this week, Jey Uso was asked to prove his love for the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns… and Daniel Bryan paid the price. Plus: new Smackdown Women's champion Sasha Banks speaks! Read all about it here.

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The Shovel - Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]
The Shovel – Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]

WWE Smackdown Recap for October 30th, 2020 Part 2

Some Susan G. Komen shilling takes place, and then we get to this promo. Murphy is in the ring with his girlfriend, the nineteen-year-old Aalyah Mysterio. Murphy says he gets why Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio hate him, but he's not the same man he was… a month ago. He wants to apologize to Rey and Dominik face to face, so he calls them out to the ring.

Rey and Dominik don't come out, but Seth Rollins does. He cuts a promo from the top of the ramp. He says that Rey and Dominik will never forgive or accept Murphy, and they'll never accept his relationship with Aalyah. But Rollins will. He'll accept Murphy, forgive him, and embrace Murphy and Aalyah's relationship. He says there's a place for all of them in the Greater Good.

Rollins talks directly to Aalyah. He says he's not the bad guy in this situation. Her father forced Rollins' hand, and the way he's been acting toward Rollins the last two weeks has been very controlling (that's actually true). Rollins says Dominik is a coward and jealous of Murphy.

Dominik runs out and attacks Rollins. Murphy pulls Dominik off and attacks Rollins himself. Dominik decks Murphy. Murphy attacks Dominik. Rey runs out and attacks Murphy. Dominik holds Murphy so Rey can hit a 619, but Aalyah gets in the way. She tells Rey to leave Murphy alone. Rey tries to grab Aalyah and pull her backstage, but she refuses. She says she's not going with Rey because she loves Murphy.

"What did you say?!"

"I said: I love him!"

Aalyah and Murphy make out in the ring. Hahahaha awesome. Rey and Dominik leave as this continues to be the trashiest (and therefore best) angle WWE has done in years.

Kayla Braxton talks to Daniel Bryan backstage. Bryan talks about how Roman Reigns hasn't been able to beat Jey Uso, so Bryan is preparing for a hell of a match tonight. The Street Profits head to the ring. Smackdown takes a commercial break. Street Profits pretend they've been doing their entrance the whole time.

Now they cut a promo on the New Day, firing back for New Day impersonating them last week. Montez Ford says imitation is the purest form of flattery. Angelo Dawkins says that's why he does impersonations of Guy Fieri. He does one. Ford says that they love the New Day, but they're gonna beat them at Survivor Series due to wanting the smoke and all that. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro come out.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro vs. The Street Profits

Watching a Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro match is a lot like watching a Dolph Ziggler match, which is sad. Street Profits win this meaningless match.

Winners: The Street Profits

Sami Zayn cuts a promo about fighting Bobby Lashley at Survivor Series. He talks about how great he'll be at representing the Intercontinental Championship and Smackdown. He says he represents the people of every country, while Lashley represents only the United States, and the United States sucks (true).

Sasha Banks comes out, wearing what appears to be my living room curtains.

Smackdown takes a commercial break. Then Sasha cuts a promo. "You know what they say. Don't talk the talk unless you can walk the walk. At Hell in a Cell, I did just that. Bayley, I told you I was going to finish what you started and take the one thing you love the most: your Smackdown Women's Championship.

"In a way, Bayley, I have to thank you for stabbing me in the back because you finally ended an era. You were my best friend. We were supposed to take over the whole damn company together. I thought you were my sister. But when you took this chair and tried to end my career, I realized it wasn't our friendship that was unstoppable. It was me.

"I am the leader, the standard, the blueprint, and I am the boss of Friday night, and your brand new Smackdown Women's Champion. And Bayley, now that you're in my past, at Survivor Series, I go one on one with Asuka. And Asua, there is no doubt in my mind that I am the best of the best."

Bayley comes out. She accuses Sasha of making her sign the Hell in a Cell contract under duress and implies Sasha's win isn't legit. She says Sasha can win championships, but she can't hold onto them. Bayley challenges Sasha to a match for the championship next week.

Sasha responds: "I hope you bring all you've got because backstabbing bitches never win."

We see a video promoting 30 Days of the Deadman, which is all a lie. Daniel Bryan comes to the ring. Is it main event time already? No, it's commercial time. Okay, now it's main event time. Jey Uso comes out.

Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso

The story here is that Uso is angry about everything Roman Reigns has done to him, and he's gonna take it out on Bryan, which is what Bryan wants because he loves competition so much. But the real story is that Roman Reigns told Jey Uso he has until the end of the night to fall in line with Roman, and it's almost the end of the night, so…

Bryan is in the middle of some Yes kicks when Roman and Paul Heyman come out, which happens, of course, right before a commercial break. After the break, Uso wins the match clean with an Uso splash. Roman gets in the ring.

"I'm with you," Uso tells him. "You're the head of the table. You're the head of the table. Alright? I'm with you. I'm with you."

Roman glances at Bryan. Uso attacks him and hits another Uso Splash. "I'm with you! I understand now! I understand now! I understand! I love you too! I understand! Damn!"

Reigns points at Bryan again. "Make him understand. Make him understand how much you love me." Uso heads outside the ring and pulls Bryan out. He beats Bryan down, shouting about how he understands the whole time. He puts Bryan on the announce table and then hits a Uso splash through it. Because of the way they build the announce table these days (when 80% of the time it doesn't even collapse when someone gets slammed on it), that looks like it hurt a lot. It did collapse, by the way. Uso beats Bryan down some more as Smackdown goes off the air.

Smackdown has some great things going for it: the trashy Murphy/Aalyah/Rollins/Mysterio angle, heel Roman Reigns, and Sasha vs. Bayley. Everything else is kinda meh, and frankly, the whole show is going to spin it's wheels until after Survivor Series because, at some point in the next week or two, there's going to be one of those angles where the roster of one show puts aside all their differences and invades the other show. Then all storylines will be on hold until December. But it is what it is.

No PPVs this weekend, which means I get a few nights off! Thanks for reading The Shovel: Smackdown Edition! See you on Tuesday morning for Raw!


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