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Snowpiercer: Lena Hall on Sean Bean's "Intimacy Coordinators" Comments

Intimacy coordinators became standard in the advent of #MeToo for actors to feel comfortable during any scene that would involve any sexual activity. Veteran actor Sean Bean opened up to the UK Times Magazine that he feels that they would "inhibit" him because "it's drawing attention to things," feeling it ruins the spontaneity of a sex scene. While sharing his own story working on the 1993 miniseries Lady Chatterley opposite Joely Richardson, he also cited his work on the TNT drama Snowpiercer with co-star Lena Hall, a mango, and meddlesome censorship. Hall has since responded in a thread on Twitter after fans reached out, addressing Bean's comments, the scene in question, their own personal experience & the value of an intimacy coordinator.

Snowpiercer: Lena Hall on Sean Bean's
Lena Hall in Snowpiercer. Image courtesy of Snowpiercer (TNT / WarnerMedia)

Here's a look at Hall's response to co-star Bean's comments:

I probably need to clarify some information in this random article since people are reaching out to me like "girl, are you ok?"
1. The infamous mango scene wasn't a naked scene. I was "naked" (but not really naked) in the bathtub/suicide scene (which I guess is in that same moment) but Sean Bean was in the bathtub fully clothed in a tuxedo.
2 Just because I am in theater (not cabaret, but I do perform them every once in a while) does not mean that I am up for anything. Seriously does depend on the other actor, the scene we are about to do, the director, and whatever crew has to be in there to film it.
3 Sean is an awesome actor and made me feel not only comfortable but also like I had a true acting partner in those bizarre scenes. It was us against the world and we were gonna tell that story.
4 If I feel comfortable with my scene partner and with others in the room then I won't need an intimacy coordinator. BUT if there is any part of me that is feeling weird, gross, over exposed etc… I will either challenge the necessity of the scene or I'll want an IC.
5 I feel that when an actor has to do a scene that is extremely emotional (like committing suicide or being raped) there needs be some kind of mental health person available to talk to post shoot. Even though we are only acting we are still experiencing trauma.
6 I do feel that intimacy coordinators are a welcome addition to the set and think they could also help with the trauma experienced in other scenes. Sometimes you need em sometimes you don't but every single person and scene and experience is different.
How do you feel about this article and the idea behind needing or not needing an IC? Also, what are your takes on a trauma coach?

Game of Thrones, which Bean starred in for the first season, didn't have intimacy coordinators until 2018, when HBO made them standard on programming that would be applicable. The high fantasy series still spurned controversy over its depictions of sexual violence towards women during its original run. Other actors like Rachel Zegler, Rahul Kohli, and Jameela Jamil chimed in about the need for them.

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