Star Trek: Melissa Navia Sees Shatner Stans for Who They Really Are

Earlier this week, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds star Melissa Navia (one of the most refreshing additions to the "Star Trek" universe in some time) took to social media to respond to William Shatner and his less-than-flattering comments during San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this past weekend regarding the newest slate of "Star Trek" series (more on that below). Taking to Twitter, Navia rightfully questioned if Shatner had seen any episodes of the newer series (the ten-ton implication being that if Shatner hasn't, then why is he offering up uninformed commentary). Well, to absolutely no one who boasts of having a pulse's surprise, a whole lot of Shatner stans unleashed a whole lot of hate- proving once again how so-called "fans" have no concept of what the franchise they supposedly love is really about. But if they think they're getting to her, the haters might want to think twice. Responding to a fan who tweeted about how the "ultra reactionary energy Shatner stans exude" is "jarring," Navia shared how she's feeling about their rage tweeting while sharing some of the abusive stuff she's been hit with this week.

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"Indeed. But I find it soothing. Insecure rage tweeting is transparent. No mystery. Like them. So upset they're even misspelling their favorite word. I'm out here checking off "wroke" trope boxes. I'm also a man, a cow, and a nobody. None of which are insults. C'est la vie! [along with Groucho face, cow & sunglasses face emojis to signify what she's been called on social media]," Navia wrote in her tweet. 

During a Q&A session hosted by Kevin Smith at SDCC, Shatner was asked by a fan if there were any new "Star Trek" series from the Paramount+ era that rivals his own, The Original Series. Spoiler? His response wasn't exactly what one would accuse of being respectful. "None of them. I got to know [creator] Gene Roddenberry in three years fairly well. He'd be turning in his grave at some of this stuff." Well, we're guessing those types of comments from Shatner were what Navia was addressing in a tweet from this afternoon. "Curious: Has Mr. Shatner seen any episodes of DISCO ['Discovery'] or SNW ['Strange New Worlds']? Or 'Lower Decks'? Didn't he not watch himself on 'TOS'? I know actors who can't watch their own work, but oh boy, not me. 'All Those Who Wander' hit me differently after losing my partner. He, too, fixed what was broken," Navia wrote in the first tweet. After close to an hour, Navia responded with, "General consensus then is…no? Unless the man himself tells me differently." And if Shatner were to block Navia, at least there would be a small silver lining to it: "If he blocks me for asking the question, then at least we'll all have an answer." Here's a look at Navia's tweets from earlier this week:

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