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So if you had a chance to follow our coverage at the end of last month, then you know that William Shatner had some less-than-flattering comments to make during San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) regarding the newest slate of "Star Trek" series and how franchise creator Gene Roddenberry wouldn't be a big fan in any way,[...]
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Earlier this week, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds star Melissa Navia (one of the most refreshing additions to the "Star Trek" universe in some time) took to social media to respond to William Shatner and his less-than-flattering comments during San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this past weekend regarding the newest slate of "Star Trek" series (more[...]
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But just in case we needed another reason to fist pump in agreement, Navia gave us that very thing this afternoon when they took to social media to question if William Shatner has ever even seen an episode of the newer "Star Trek" series And before any old-school "Star Trek" fans start clutching pearls and[...]
“Star Trek”: William Shatner Says He’s Retired from Captain Kirk
Having completed his ceremonial handprint ceremony, Star Trek icon William Shatner proceeded to do a Q&A at San Diego Comic-Con hosted by Kevin Smith for his upcoming second season of Masters of the Universe: Revolution to answer anything about the Star Trek franchise, his old age, Star Wars, and his Blue Origin space flight[...]
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The actor at San Diego Comic-Con introduced William Shatner, who originated the role when Star Trek premiered in 1966 playing the role for nearly three decades with his final live-action appearance in 1994's Generations Wesley spoke fondly of the 91-year-old Canadian actor at his handprint ceremony from Legion M You can check out the video[...]
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Legion M will be celebrating legendary actor and Star Trek icon William Shatner at a handprint ceremony for San Diego Comic-Con held in the lobby of Theatre Box San Diego on Thursday, July 21st The ceremony will start at 1 p.m ET/10 a.m PT Among the attendees will include Star Trek: Strange New Worlds star[...]
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Paul Wesley on Series’ Kirk & Future
Evoking the shades of The Original Series episode "Balance of Terror", The Vampire Diaries star spoke about his experience keeping his role a secret, not emulating the performance of TOS star William Shatner & more. Paul Wesley in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Image courtesy of Paramount+ "It was so secretive!" Wesley recalled "It happened so quickly[...]
Star Trek: Nicholas Meyer on Clash over Spock’s Wrath of Khan Death
Kirk (William Shatner) accepting the possibility of the no-win scenario and how success can come at great sacrifice from Spock (Leonard Nimoy) While the ending showed the Enterprise firing his casket into space, the following 1984 sequel in The Search for Spock would bring the character back at the behest of Paramount "I thought then[...]
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And when that future involves none other than Star Trek icon William Shatner (who knows a thing or two about the future himself) Earlier today, Shatner tweeted Kripke to confirm if it was "that time of year again" (we'll avoid using the term for what it might be in case someone prefers that it not[...]
Star Trek: Picard:  EP & [SPOILER] on Revisiting ‘The Voyage Home’
Kirk (William Shatner) and Spock (Leonard Nimoy) are aboard After the punk fan, who apparently wasn't given an official canon name, flips the captain and first officer off, Spock uses his Vulcan neck pinch to subdue him to the cheers of the other bus patrons Thatcher and Matalas spoke to TrekMovie about the actor's return[...]
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Director’s Cut Trailer Shows 4K Glory
Paramount+ has now given TMP another facelift with upgraded special effects, Ultra 4K with Dolby Atmos sound in Star Trek: The Motion Picture –The Director's Edition. George Takei, William Shatner, and Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures The film, which is available to stream on Paramount+ on April 5[...]
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Now, we're getting a chance to hear directly from Wesley himself, who took to Twitter to not just express his appreciation for being able to play such an iconic role but also to share a story about an unexpected encounter he had on a flight with "The Ultimate Kirk," William Shatner From there, Shatner checks[...]
Star Trek: Boston Honors Late Actor Leonard Nimoy for 90th Birthday
Among them include Nimoy's children Adam and Julie Nimoy, co-star William Shatner, and the Star Trek franchise's official Twitter account With a career spanning nearly seven decades, Nimoy became a staple on television with the occasional film role His biggest break came as Mr Spock in Star Trek: The Original Series in 1966 and playing[...]
“Star Trek”: William Shatner Says He’s Retired from Captain Kirk
Bleeding Cool can report that Canadian actor, astronaut, musician, and writer William Shatner, best known for playing James T Kirk in Star Trek and the eponymous TJ Hooker, is to see the publication of a collection of his essays under the title, Boldly Go Peter Borland of the publishing house Atria bought the book rights[...]
Shatner in Space: Amazon Documentary on Star Trek Actor’s Epic Flight
William Shatner completed his epic space journey 55 years in the making since his debut as Capt James T Kirk on the sci-fi series Star Trek thanks to Amazon conglomerate Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin Now epic flight will be shown to the world in the hour-long special called Shatner in Space that documents the[...]