Star Trek: Picard Adds a Twist to Jean-Luc's Usual Choice Of Beverage (Spoilers)

We all know Jean-Luc Picard's personal choice of beverage and the manner in which he orders it from the replicator in the starship Enterprise. Tea, Earl Grey, Hot. Although he didn't say it as much as some may believe… it is one of a number of things that are indicative of the character. And all Next Generation fans can imitate it with Sir Patrick Stewart's clipped tones.

But what of in the upcoming Star Trek: Picard series, which sees Jean-Luc Picard retired, living out his years in his family vineyard in France? It seems that, yes, there has been a little change that may reflect Picard's later years. He turns to the replicator in his kitchen and barks 'Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.' before adding 'Decaf.'

Well, he does need to sleep better. What with all those dreams…

I wonder if this means Holland & Barrett will sell out?

Star Trek: Picard will be streaming from CBS All Access on January 23rd in the USA, Space and Z, then streaming on Crave in Canada, and on Amazon Prime in the rest of the world on January 24th.


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