Sting Reveals Vince McMahon's Reaction to Him Going to TNA: "Bleggh"

Wrestling legend Sting rocked the wrestling world at AEW's Winter is Coming special when he made his AEW debut. Sting appeared recently on the AEW Unrestricted podcast where he talked about his debut with Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards and revealed how Vince McMahon reacted when Sting decided to take his legacy to TNA of all places!

Sting appears in AEW (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)
Sting appears in AEW (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

"After it ended? We never did talk," said Sting about talking to Vince McMahon after he purchased WCW. "There was never any discussion, at least not immediately after. It was, I don't know, maybe a year after, something like that, that Vince reached out and we had conversation, and talking with Vince was always good. But then you get his group of attorneys and my attorney and, you know, and then it all kinda falls apart. And I just, long story short, I just wasn't willing to make the commitment that he wanted."

But Sting did end making a commitment to WWE's rivals at the time, TNA. And Vince McMahon was none-too-pleased about it.

"I was called by, it's funny, Jerry Jarrett's son, Jeff, Jeff Jarrett," said Sting. "So you know, the guy who gave me my break originally, Jerry Jarrett, his son Jeff, all those years later, struck some kind of deal with Dixie Carter. And he called and said, 'hey, would you want to come and just do a show?' And I did one. 'You want to do another one?' All right. And then that it was like, could we get you to sign a deal or maybe do something with us. 'Ahhhh I really don't want to.' And it took some twisting, really, of my arm, really, at the time to do it, but I decided I was gonna do it. And Vince was in the picture once again during that time. I'll never forget. You know, I'm talking to him on the phone. I said, Vince, I'm going to go to TNA. And he said, 'the thought of you and the legacy that you leave behind and you going to TNA is just… bleggh. He literally said 'bleggh.'"

It's funny because that's the exact same thing The Chadster said to my beautiful wife, Keighleyanne, one time when she tried to initiate sex after AEW defeated WWE in the ratings, which of course wasn't gonna happen for The Chadster because I'm completely incapable of maintaining an erection if WWE isn't winning in the ratings. Keighleyanne didn't take that too well and The Chadster doubts that Sting took it well either when Vince McMahon said it, even though, to the best of The Chadster's knowledge, Sting was not attempting to initiate a sexual encounter with Vince McMahon at the time.

If you haven't already, give Sting's appearance on AEW Unrestricted a listen. In addition to all his thoughts on AEW that we'll be mining for clickbait articles over the next few days, Sting also looks back at his career, getting into pro wrestling with The Ultimate Warrior, working with Ric Flair, going through the Monday Night Wars, losing WCW, joining TNA, and getting his WrestleMania moment in WWE.

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