Tales of the Walking Dead: 5 TWDU Ideas Perfect for AMC's Anthology

Fans of "The Walking Dead" universe were on the receiving end of some good news earlier today, with AMC giving a series order to Tales of the Walking Dead. The six-episode first season of the anthology series is set to premiere in Summer 2022-ish, with each one-hour episode set within the universe of "The Walking Dead" and will feature both new and existing characters. Channing Powell (The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead) will serve as showrunner, working alongside Scott M. Gimple, CCO of "The Walking Dead" universe. So in honor of the news, we are presenting once again our five ideas for TWD spinoffs that we posted at the beginning of Summer 2019 (before there was a Tales of the Walking Dead series in play) that were originally meant as spinoff series of their own but could definitely fit within a Tales TWD anthology format.

the walking dead
Alt-history Michonne from The Walking Dead (Image: AMC)

"The Walking Dead: Universes": A "What If…?" audio drama series that explores how things might've gone if things were different. What if Herschel had lived? What if Daryl hadn't made a run at Negan and Glen lived? What if Maggie had killed Negan? What if T-Dog was able to get Merle free? So many options, and we already saw how fascinating it is to watch play out during Danai Gurira's final episode.

"The Walking Dead": The Anime: I'm talking either Powerhouse Animation Studios or Wit Studio because if you give it a Castlevania look with an early-season Attack on Titan vibe, you have a hit on your hands. Imagine either of those studios getting their hands on animating Beta's horde?

The Walking Dead
A look at the cover to The Walking Dead: The Alien (Image: Skybound/Image Comics)

"The Walking Dead" International: It was already done in Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin's The Walking Dead: The Alien, which introduced us to Rick's brother Jeffrey. Wesley Chu's Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead: Typhoon expanded the TWD universe into China. Now, I say we start having series set in, produced in, and starring people native to other countries. No dubbing. Each show is done in the country's native language, and get subtitles here in the U.S. Netflix has already proven that there are a ton of eyeballs out there for international programming as the number of folks "who don't want to read my shows" gets smaller.

"The Walking Dead"/"The West Wing"/"24": I'd love to see an Aaron Sorkin walk-n-talk crossed with a political thriller, detailing the years/months/days (depending on series commitment) leading up to when it all went south. There's still a ton of backstory possibilities that could be mined, and adding a little "conspiracy" to the franchise's mythology could work. Maybe CRM existed before the walker-fest kicked off, maybe some societal manipulations gone wrong?

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A look behind the scenes of The Walking Dead (Screen Cap Image: AMC)

"The Walking Dead" Comedy Series: Wait! We can explain! Hear us out! First, at least I wasn't pitching a musical (that was #6). But in much the same way that Paramount Plus is looking at the lighter side of Starfleet with the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks, we could easily apply it to the TWD universe. Just imagine if Morgan and the rest of the crew got that distribution plan up and running. You're telling me I'm the only one who sees that as the potential for a The Office-style sitcom? Probably, but set up a community in a new part of the landscape and throw it on a better-quality cable channel or non-Disney+ streaming service and there's potential (think FX's What We Do in the Shadows).

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