Tell Me Your Secrets: A Deep Dive Into A Mystery Promotional Package

Connected to the recent premiere of the Amazon Original Series, Tell Me Your Secrets, a promotional mailer has made connecting to the story more interesting. After reviewing the first episode, finding this in the mail was perfect timing despite the recent weather across the country. There was a clear amount of work put into each piece of this promotional box. 

Tell Me Your Secrets Gave Us A Mystery Promotional Package
Outside of the promotional box for Tell Me Your Secrets. Source: Brittney Bender

The outside, featuring the two main leads of the series, Lily Rabe and Amy Brenneman, features the promotional artwork seen online and in various formats. Opening up the box, inside is a display of clues to be used that range in diversity as much as the characters seem to in the show. Reminiscent of a murder mystery box subscription, the thought, and planning that went into the puzzle-like activity were incredible. Gifted on part of the work of those working on the series, Harriet Warner, Bruna Papandrea, and Casey Haver showed their love for what they've established in Tell Me Your Secrets

Tell Me Your Secrets Gave Us A Mystery Promotional Package
Inside the right side of the promotional package. Source: Brittney Bender

The mystery to find the numbers to unlock the box was very well done, much credit to the company used, The Deadbolt Mystery Society. They did such a good job with what they were tasked with that I'm highly considering their subscription program. There was a card full of clues, one of the hints, and finally one of the solutions (just in case), with the first envelope showcasing various tarot cards with beautiful artwork that related to clues that helped the player. The end goal was to be the stained wooden box surrounded by chain links bound with a numbered lock. The subtle clues and messages found in each and every piece of the mailer made the experience not only incredibly intriguing but also made the experience of watching this show very interesting. Not only was the design carefully and thoughtfully planned by the look of everything, but the creators behind what was involved became an important reminder for streaming platforms. The art, cocktail mixes, and various other items were connected by an important characteristic. They all were showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship of people of color and women-owned businesses. 

Tell Me Your Secrets: A Deep Dive Into A Mystery Promotional Package
El Guapo Bitters, along with the various liquors involved with the mixer recipes. Source: Brittney Bender

The dedication to remaining true to local creators and artists is unique to see and something I'd hope for in companies going forward when promoting the unique aspects of their shows. The El Guapo branded cocktail mixer package along with their liquor counterparts hails from New Orleans and is a female-owned business in that region. With the protection stones found in the box once opened, the design and packaging were simple yet beautiful thanks to the female and minority-owned business, Cast of Stones. 

Tell Me Your Secrets: A Deep Dive Into A Mystery Promotional Package
The Cast of Stones gift residing inside the stained wooden Tell Me Your Secrets box. Source: Brittney Bender

I had plenty of fun with what I was given to connect my watching experience with the aesthetic of New Orleans and that part of Louisiana. Amazon worked hard on getting this mailer to connect with an audience they'd hope would get attached to the project. And while I loved being able to better understand the story I was viewing while investing my time with the puzzles, that's not the case for the wider audience. Without the promotional materials, there's still evidence that these characters should have received slightly more attention developing their purpose beyond a variety of vague plot points. I'm hopeful for a series with such acting talent and great cinematography, but Tell Me Your Secrets will have to prove it along the way if they get to a second season. Let us know in the comments below if you're enjoying the series so far!

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