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Amazon's Tell Me Your Secrets Gave Us A Mystery Promotional Package
Connected to the recent premiere of the Amazon Original Series, Tell Me Your Secrets, a promotional mailer has made connecting to the story more interesting After reviewing the first episode, finding this in the mail was perfect timing despite the recent weather across the country There was a clear amount of work put into each[...]
Pure Terror In Season 2 Trailer For 'Two Sentence Horror Stories'
Taking apart and dissecting the horrific parts of society in creative and terrifying ways, Two Sentence Horror Stories is taking the genre to network television and reviving the anthology in every episode, not just every season. key art from season 2 of Two Sentence Horror Stories (he CW) The arrival of a promo for the second season[...]
"New Amsterdam" Season 2: What If "What the Heart Wants" Isn't What It Needs? [PREVIEW]
One must come to terms with their grief, one must face the consequences of their decisions, and one must find the strength to keep moving on – as you're about to see in the following promo and five hand-selected preview images: "New Amsterdam" season 2, episode 8 "What the Heart Wants": Sharpe lands in hot water[...]
Meanwhile, The Lord of The Manor (Jeremy Irons) clearly doesn't suffer constructive criticism or disrespect well… can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Watchmen: Episode 3 Promo | HBO ( "Watchmen" season 1, episode 3 "She Was Killed by Space Junk": Following a late-night visit from the Senator who authored Masked Policing Legislation in Oklahoma, FBI[...]
"Batwoman" Asks, "Who Are You?" – and The Answer? Magpie! [PREVIEW]
But this episode introduces us to a new shiny villain, Magpie (Rachel Matthews)  But Alice (Rachel Skarsten) is by no means done with Kate or the rest of her family or her city. Here's how the CW describes it: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Batwoman 1×04 Promo "Who Are You?" (HD) Season 1 Episode[...]