Ravensburger Launches A Kids Puzzle Design Contest

Ravensburger Launches A Kids' Puzzle Design Contest

Ravensburger announced this week they have started a kids puzzle contest with the Puzzles Funds the Cure design contest The contest itself will run from January 1st-30th, in partnership with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, as they will encourage kids to create a design that inspires hope and turn it into a puzzle Ten winners[...]

Even More New Mondo Puzzles Up For Order: Marvel Transformers &#038 More

Even More New Mondo Puzzles Up For Order: Marvel, Transformers, & More

Mondo is now offering orders on another round of their popular pop culture puzzles Six more are now available, and they run the pop culture spectrum—first, two Marvel puzzles, including a Thor: Ragnarok one and a gorgeous Silver Surfer one Beetlejuice joins the line, as does Big Trouble in Little China, Planet of the Apes,[...]

Indie Puzzle-Platformer Eternal Hope Will Launch for PC Xbox One

Indie Puzzle-Platformer Eternal Hope Will Launch for PC, Xbox One

Indie developer and publisher Doublehit Games has announced that their upcoming puzzle-platformer Eternal Hope will be coming out on August 6th of this year It will launch for Windows PC via Steam at that time and will release for the Xbox One sometime later in the year.[caption id="attachment_1219712" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Key art for Eternal Hope, an[...]

Level 99s Shoot-Em-Up Puzzle Board Game Bullet On Kickstarter

Level 99's Shoot-Em-Up Puzzle Board Game Bullet On Kickstarter

The game is a shoot-em-up-style, real-time puzzle game where players assume the role of heroines from magical-girl anime-style backgrounds and attempt to defeat their opponent with a variety of different types of weapons in each of their arsenals.[caption id="attachment_1218633" align="aligncenter" width="600"] An array of the components found in Bullet by Level 99 Games.[/caption]In Bullet, players will[...]

Wyra &#038 Taksa Against The Master Of Gravity On Steam In Q3 Of 2020

Wyra & Taksa Against The Master Of Gravity, On Steam In Q3 Of 2020

It is designed as a platform and puzzle game with no jumping mechanism, making it a stand-out design amongst platformers.[caption id="attachment_1215496" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The header for Wyra & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity, by 3S Design.[/caption]In Wyra & Taksa, players are encouraged to use both of the titular named characters in a balanced fashion,[...]

Mondo Offering New Movie Themed Puzzles Including Captain America

Mondo Offering New Movie Themed Puzzles, Including Captain America

Mondo has put eight new movie-themed puzzles up for order These puzzles are 1000 pieces, and there is something for everyone here Captain America: The First Avenger, Die Hard, Home Alone, Jurassic Park, D&D, Gremlins, G.I Joe, and The Iron Giant are featured The puzzles feature the artwork of Francesco Francavilla, DKNG, 100% Soft, Jason[...]

5 Nerdy Puzzles to Pass the Time at Home With

5 Nerdy Puzzles to Pass the Time at Home With

We hear you, and we understand; puzzles are a great way to keep your brain moving and shaking, and they can be a ton of fun too Take a peek at these awesome and intriguing puzzles.3D Game of Thrones The Red Keep $44.99This impressive, 3D puzzle is ideal for all Game of Thrones fans[...]

Me Myself And I Have No Clue Whats Happening In Echoplex

Me, Myself, And I Have No Clue What's Happening In 'Echoplex'

And that's kind of what you get yourself into with Echoplex.[caption id="attachment_633841" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Output Games[/caption]Echoplex is a first-person cyber/horror puzzle game that seems to be more about self-discovery with puzzles on the side You play a nameless person who has lost most of their memories of who they are and what they do[...]

Yet Another Mansion Turned Into A Horror Mystery Game With The Crows Eye

Yet Another Mansion Turned Into A Horror Mystery Game With 'The Crow's Eye'

But the controls are pretty well suited for the puzzle solving, which is a nice bonus as you're not fiddling around forever to get things to work.The bigger issue is when you get the electro-magnet and have to deal with pulling objects with it and helping maneuver around with it.[caption id="attachment_625354" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Nkidu Games[/caption]The[...]

Robots In The Wild Is Tetris With Humor

'Robots In The Wild' Is 'Tetris' With Humor

It is the iconic puzzle game that has outlasted a lot of its predecessors, challengers and copy-cats So when a building game comes along where pieces fall from the sky, it's hard not to compare the all-time reigning champion in this field to what's been created But unlike other developers, Heatbox Games has no shame[...]

BOOR Is All Knowing All Seeing All Adorable

BOOR Is All Knowing, All Seeing, All Adorable

Now it's up to you to maneuver through the lands by solving puzzles, collecting items and putting together the mystery of what actually happened to BOOR and what its plans are.[caption id="attachment_610257" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//BadLand Games[/caption]It doesn't matter if you use controller or keyboard in this game as the setup is pretty basic[...]

Getting A Flywrench Through The Gears On PS4

Getting A 'Flywrench' Through The Gears On PS4

At that point, the game had only been released for PC and was gaining some fine indie buzz from old-school gamers and puzzle runners It took a year and a half, but Messhof has finally gotten the game to the PS4 this week.[caption id="attachment_610562" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Messhof[/caption]Created by Mark Essen, the same man behind Nidhogg,[...]