Tell Me Your Secrets: Amazon Series Proves Mixed Bag, Shows Potential

The recent release of the original dramatic series Tell Me Your Secrets, on Amazon Prime Video, shows that the streaming platform has potential in true crime yet has some hurdles to get over first. The pilot involves multiple themes from the dramatic ups and downs of witness protection to victim advocacy. Lily Rabe, one of the main stars of the series, does an excellent job just like she has done in many other projects of surrendering herself to the role she's in and being fully present. The acting on display by other main characters such as Amy Brenneman, Enrique Murciano, and Hamish Linklater shows audiences that Amazon did a good job when casting. In terms of character development that these actors are having to portray within the very first episode, that's somewhere that was missed by careful examination at times. Luckily, the story was not being handed to viewers on a silver platter with exposition thrown into your face. But, on the other hand, a small bit of easier exposition could have happened.

Tell Me Your Secrets: This Amazon Series Has Hints Of Potential
Lily Rabe as her character Emma Hall in the new series. Source: Amazon

There are excellent environment and setting-building vibes formed with the town Lily's character, Emma, lives in while in witness protection after her prison sentence. The setting of Tell Me Your Secrets combined with a clarified aesthetic (including the well done and simply intro/theme) gives audiences a lot to hope and expect out of what they're viewing. It's normal to feel out a new series and not be certain of how much you're going to be interested in continuing to watch. Tell Me Your Secrets is compelling for sure, but it's hard to care for the mother whose daughter is missing, weirdly enough. She should have flaws as a well-built character, but there's a confusing amount of disregard for those around her that doesn't feel well-enough explained for audiences to want to watch the second episode. If it weren't for the compelling story of Emma, I may have had doubts of continuing for my own enjoyment. I'm hopeful for what is a possibility going forward but the initial episode has me gaining some doubts. If things get cleared up in a manner that does justice for the acting involved then Amazon has a fantastic new asset in this drama.

Rating: 7.5/10

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