The Boys S03E04: Hunt for Soldier Boy Begins; Homelander Takes Charge

So after the dust settled on the three-episode Season 3 return of Amazon and Showrunner & EP Eric Kripke's The Boys, things are worse than ever. A newly-emboldened and progressively psychotic Homelander (Antony Starr) has gone from pariah to "golden boy" once again and he's looking to make folks pay… especially Starlight (Erin Moriarty). Meanwhile, Butcher (Karl Urban) begins #TheHuntForSoldierBoy, but is finding Jensen Ackles' original supe the one mission that Mother's Milk (Laz Alonso) wants to see fail?

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So here's a look at the promo for this week's episode of Amazon's The Boys:

Kripke & Ackles offer some more intel on why Ackles was perfect for Soldier Boy, and why Soldier Boy represents every bad aspect of masculinity during a recent interview.

the boys
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Kripke on Why Ackles Was Perfect for Soldier Boy: "Jensen, he's the best. Obviously, I've worked with him for a minute and everything I throw at him, I know he can do. He can be charming. He can be funny. He can be scary. He can credibly do action. He can make you cry, and so I needed somebody who could do all those colors. Once Jensen was locked in, it [was] a relief for me, really, because I know him so well that I can write really confidently."

When Soldier Boy Returns, Ackles Teases That He Returns with a Mission: "Playing the oldest superhero on the scene with a bunch of new faces, essentially, it was… Just kind of keeping him on mission, on task. He's back, he's got vendetta, and he's got a list of people that he's checking off. So it was more of just watching him go through this physical journey, not necessarily an emotional journey."

For Kripke, Soldier Boy Personifies That "Marlboro Man Bullshit" Masculinity We've Seen in Real Life: "Soldier Boy to me is very symbolic of 60 plus years of what pop culture has defined as masculine and that macho John Wayne, Marlboro Man bullshit. His arc was presenting as that, but then revealing more and more what a sham that is and how nobody is like that and it never existed, and yet we've poisoned generation after generation of boys by telling them they somehow have to meet this impossible ideal," Kripke explained. "One of the reasons we had such a piece of shit president who thought it was more important to project vitality over compassion, the reason Putin is who he is. So much of it is because these people are trying to be macho instead of being human. So I wanted to give Soldier Boy that arc."

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