The Mandalorian: Gina Carano Isn't Oppressed- She's Selfish (Opinion)

With all due respect to The Mandalorian series creator, director, and EP Jon Favreau, the Disney live-action Star Wars spinoff series was having it a little too easy heading into its second season on October 30th. Well, almost. We're not sure how "The Mouse's" black helicopters allowed this to happen, but apparently series star Gina Carano aka Cara Dune has had all she can stand… and can't stands no more (yup, Popeye reference)… when it comes to all of the health and safety restrictions regarding the COVID pandemic. That's right, you guessed it: Carano sees polices that restrict large gatherings and situations where people will pretty much be up in each other's faces as "oppressing" and and an attack on our personal freedoms and (you guessed it right again) "the free world".

The Mandalorian: Gina Carano Isn't Oppressed- She's Selfish (Opinion)
Wow. Where to begin? Aside from the fact that Carano is another prime example of how being really good at one or two things doesn't mean you know jack-s**t about anything else, I mean. First, I'll easily concede that as a Bleeding Cool editor I know about as much about the actual medical science (not crazy conspiracy crap from "medical professionals" who think demons cause menstrual cycles) behind COVID as someone who spends their working days in front of a high-tech green screen. This means neither of us knows more than what we look up online (though the sites I visit for facts usually aren't also plugging a book on how avocado pits and saying the alphabet backward can cure cancer). So let's take a look at Carano's tweet-ifesto:

Okay, pretty straight forward, head-in-the-sand stuff. Looking back, we know what the entire sermon was about but by itself? You could read it a few different ways. Nothing for "The Mouse" to have too much concern about yet- and then it goes on:

Okay, you know what? To make this flow a little smoother (and to keep our eyes from bleeding from the sheer narcissistic, close-mindedness of it all), we'll just punch at the points raised. First, those "regulations" require people to not be in close, confined situations so that a "super spreader" event doesn't take place. If the law was to wear masks indoors and they didn't in a church, you're telling me you'd be okay with that person being ticketed or arrested? You wouldn't, so weak argument.

The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian season 2 returns this October (Image: Disney)

Second, COVID does know the difference between outdoor protests where the majority of people are wearing masks and an indoor event where no one would enforce the rules (as we've already seen in states tempting fate by opening early)… oh, and there's singing! But the last part's my personal favorite: The Mandalorian star thinks we should risk getting people sick and possibly killing them so she can have the choice to go to church. You know, should the mood strike. So keep it open… just in case.

The first thing here? Clearly, Carano can work because the second season of The Mandalorian is ready to go and she'll be able to hit the press junkets to promote it. As for the reason why the world is open and we're not? Throw that shade at The White House, who sat on intel it had since at least January and then didn't have the skills every other country had to rally and get their collective shit together. The world is working because it did what it needed to do t get back to work- and they're scrubbing all of the Americans who are coming over clean before they can work because the U.S. still doesn't know what it's doing.

As for "rights," you know what's another "right"? My right to not die because of someone else's selfish ignorance. That should pretty much trump anything else. But perhaps the most careless, dangerous line to put out there was this one: "People are dropping like flies from depression and suicide, overdoses, MURDER." Unless you can substantiate that with facts that are real facts (see above for the kind of sources you should avoid), it lacks even a basic level of decency and responsibility. One fact that Carano should keep in mind? As I'm writing this, the U.S, death toll from COVID is 190,000 and climbing- so when I read someone who commands the public spotlight and has social media followers use their power so irresponsibly? Well, it gets me to the only thing The Mandalorian star wrote that I agree with, but from a completely different perspective: "enough already."

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