The Report of the Week: YouTube Creator Spotlight on John Jurasek

Some may know him as "Reviewbrah." Others, as the vlogger who wears old-fashioned suits while politely eating fast food. Others still may know him from the meme that has become a viral reaction used on social media, where he famously says, "My disappoint is immeasurable, and my day is ruined." A meme to encapsulate 2020 if there ever was one. Vlogger, radio host, and "shortwave enthusiast" John Jurasek has been publishing videos on his YouTube channel, The Report Of The Week, since January 1st, 2007. Here's a look at where he started, what his channel has to offer, and what he is doing now.

A still from The Report of the Week on YouTube, showing Reviewbrah reacting to a meme. Credit:
A still from The Report of the Week on YouTube, showing Reviewbrah reacting to a meme. Credit:

While Reviewbrah is probably best known for his popular uploads trying, critiquing, and celebrating new fast food items, it all started with the February 20th, 2011 video called "Energy Crisis–Energy Drink Review." In this video, the diminutive Reviewbrah, still clearly a child, calmly sipped from a glass cup in which he'd poured a small bottle of pomegranate-flavored Five Hour Energy. Using descriptive, almost flowery language, the young Jurasek walked the viewers through his experience while wearing an incredibly large men's suit. These days, ReviewBrah style remains much the same, but his delivery has evolved in a way that has amassed over 2.12 million subscribers.

He still wears suits of a different era, creating the feeling that he is from another time, traveling to the present to try the fast-food industry's latest monstrosities. This may sound like he's doing a bit, and indeed Jurasek leans into his character with a bit of winking mischief from time to time, as his narration turns a trip to get a sandwich into a story delivering as if he's recounting an epic journey. However, he's also disarmingly genuine, speaking to the viewers with respect while giving his unfiltered, often hilarious opinion. He is a gem of the YouTube food review community, creating the feeling that you're spending time watching his videos with a good, and very classy, friend.

The top five most viewed videos on their channel include:

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