The Three-Body Problem: New Chinese Trailer, Key Art Poster Released

The Three-Body Problem by Chinese author Liu Cixin is the Science Fiction trilogy that's made the biggest splash in the 21st Century, and a TV series adaptation is highly anticipated by fans. Just this week, Chinese studio Tencent released a poster and the second trailer for the Chinese TV adaptation.

Three Body Problem: New Chinese Trailer Debuts, Still No Premiere Date
"The Three-Body Problem" poster art, Tencent

The Three-Body Problem is an epic Science Fiction saga that begins during the Cultural Revolution in China where a female scientist discovers signals from outer space that offer evidence of an alien civilization out there. What she does with the knowledge has repercussions for the next decades to come when that civilization's presence becomes known to the rest of the world's governments who have to plan for what looks like an impending invasion that will arrive decades, even centuries later. Political intrigue, cover-ups, a murder mystery, assassination attempts, and conspiracy take up much of the story as well as some hard Science Fiction that goes beyond the survival of Earth and the centuries to come.

The first trailer for the Chinese version of The Three-Body Problem was released back in November 2021. So far, no premiere date for the series has been announced. Reports on Chinese social media suggest that the series is currently being re-edited to get approval from government censors before a release date can be determined. That means the whole series has been shot. The English language version being produced by Netflix is still in production. It is likely to make changes to accommodate the non-Chinese American actors that seem to be taking up two-thirds of the cast. The Chinese TV version is likely to be more faithful to the novel than the Netflix version.

It looks like the Chinese version of The Three-Body Problem will premiere later this year, way ahead of the Netflix version. Viewers worldwide can watch the Chinese version first without wondering if showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are going to screw up the Netflix version as badly as they screwed up the ending of Game of Thrones. The English language version of The Three-Body Problem will probably premiere on Netflix in 2023. The Chinese version will probably premiere worldwide on Tencent's official YouTube channel. It is the only Chinese Science Fiction film or Television that's coming out for the foreseeable future.

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