The Walking Dead: Dead City: Maggie's "Greatest Weakness" Exploited

So the last time we checked in on AMC's upcoming Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) & Maggie (Lauren Cohan)-focused spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City, Morgan was teasing how fans shouldn't expect the same Negan in this series that they saw offering a silent goodbye to Daryl (Norman Reedus) near the end of the TWD finale. This time around, Cohan gets a chance to catch us up to speed with how things are going with Maggie. And much like the case was with Morgan and Negan, Cohan makes it clear that things have changed since the series finale. "We end up picking up in New York at the bottom of a really unexpected mountain, where maybe things have gone well for a period of time, but we're back at this challenge, just like these challenges that always seem to keep cropping up," Cohan shared during her conversation with EW. Here's a look at what else Cohan had to share:

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Cohan Teases "Moving Target" Enemy & "The Enemy Within": "Nothing is through rose-colored glasses. Because the thing that comes up, it's like, okay, so we overcame this obstacle of the Commonwealth and these things, that doesn't mean life is easy just because you quashed one enemy. And the enemy is this moving target. It's also the enemy within."

Cohan on "Maggie's Greatest Weakness" Being "Exploited": "When we go into the new show, Maggie's greatest weakness is definitely exploited." Though the obvious assumption would be that it has something to do with Hershel (Kien Michael Spiller). But Cohan's follow-up comment hints that some other unconsidered possibilities could be at play. "Sometimes it's not the big things that are the hard things; it's the little things. And those little things become very, very big things because they are our own blind spots, and they are our own greatest weakness."

Expect Maggie/Negan Tensions to Not Just Resume, But Grow: "It's going to be really, really hard for her to continue, even with the best intentions she had of letting Negan have his territory and her getting on with her life and finding the hope and trying to build this future."

The Walking Dead: Dead City: Maggie's "Greatest Weakness" Exploited
Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

The Walking Dead: Dead City – Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Negan

"I think time apart probably will make it worse. Negan has an opportunity to kind of fall into some old habits, because it's all a survival mechanism for him, especially if he's not with the group. The group kind of tamed him in a lot of ways, and to fit in, he had to stop being who he was. And I think away from this group, he is likely to fall into some old traps and old behaviors," Morgan explained during an interview with EW when asked if he thought Negan's time away from Maggie was a good thing for him. Because Negan's survival instinct will always drive him to do just that… survive. "We know how Negan has survived. We have seen him in his progression on how he's survived and what he does to adapt, and I think he will always be adaptable in any situation. But away from people, he doesn't do well."

And Morgan isn't a big fan of the idea that time apart would change Maggie's perceptions of Negan. "As uneasy of an alliance it is that Maggie and Negan have, I think Negan being out of Maggie's line of sight for a couple years is still never going to make what happened to her go away. I don't know if us getting along in any way is going to last. I don't know if it can," Morgan shared. And a big part of the blame for things not running as smoothly as they could (and should) rests at the feet of Morgan's on-screen alter-ego. "Negan is a bit of a screwup. He's just that guy that you want to smack. He's a punchable guy, and I understand that, being the guy that says the stuff that comes out of his mouth. I want to punch him sometimes!" Morgan admits with a laugh. Adding new faces to the equation doesn't exactly make for a better fit, either. "Look, we know that he's going to run off to New York City. It's him and Maggie, and there's not a lot of people with him. So, if I do the math on this, he's going to be in trouble. It's going to be a bad combination for him."

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Trey Santiago-Hudson as Jano, Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

With Gaius Charles (The Wonder Years, Friday Night Lights), Mahina Napoleon (NCIS: Hawaii), Željko Ivanek (Damages), and Jonathan Higginbotham (The Blacklist) also set to star, here's a look at one of our first looks at AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead City. Following that, Morgan shares some thoughts on the Negan that viewers can expect to see when the series premieres (tentatively) in April 2023:

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