David Lynch Offers Deeper Insight into Twin Peaks Ending: "This Is the Ending"

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If we're to believe the words of David Lynch – and there aren't a lot in his answer to interpret – then it looks like Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and "Laura's" (Sheryl Lee) spiraling "Crisis on Infinite Twin Peaks" courtesy of "Judy" won't be getting a resolution any time soon. Appearing with MacLachlan and Laura Dern (Diane) at Showtime's Twin Peaks: The Return "For Your Consideration" event Wednesday night (and you can find out our thoughts on the series here), Lynch was part of a panel discussion moderated by Andy Greenwald that took place after a screening of the ending for Emmy voters.

Here are some of the highlights from the panel, which also touches upon MacLachlan's multiple roles and the identity of Diane's bathrobe:

●  When asked by Greenwald if the ending was what he was writing towards, Lynch responded in a manner that will most likely be studied in graduate-level film course for centuries to come: "This is the ending." When asked to further elaborate, Lynch punctuated its existential "oomph" with, "This is the ending. It's right there. You all just saw the ending." Whether that means Twin Peaks is finished or if it's Lynch who's finished with Twin Peaks remains unclear; leaving fans to hope against the former and debate the latter.

●  The pink bathrobe we see Dern's Diane wear? Lynch confirmed that the robe came courtesy of Twin Peaks Sherriff Department receptionist Lucy Brennan (Kimmy Robertson).

●  Lynch spent much of the panel praising his actors, praising their ability to put up with the secrets and handle anything the director threw their way. He held particular praise for MacLachlan's "five or six" role performance; which MacLachlan jokingly admitted came as a surprise: "I was never told [I'd be playing more than one role]. They just said, 'This is what you're going to do, [and] we're going to pay ya for one."

●  For Dern, there were only two things she needed to channel to get into the spirit of who Diane was: "My enjoyment of the word 'fuck,' and my desire to smoke cigarettes."

●  The panel remembered those from the cast who have passed away, including Warren Frost, Catherine Coulson, and Michael Parks; pausing to talk about Albert's Miguel Ferrer: "Albert has since passed away. This is so sad. And in the world of 'Twin Peaks,' Gordon Cole is pretty much devastated."

●  And for those of you (us) who thought Agent Phillip Jeffries reincarnated as a tea kettle that's just about ready, Lynch would like you to know something: "It's not a tea kettle. It's a machine. I actually sculpted that shape, and people see it as a tea kettle, but it's a machine. If you want to see it as that, that's fine, too." Hmmm…


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