Rooster Teeth & Achievement Hunter Reveal Hardcore Mini Golf

Rooster Teeth & Achievement Hunter Reveal Hardcore Mini Golf

The folks at Rooster Teeth have a new show coming to you from Achievement Hunter as the crew will be playing Hardcore Mini Golf. If you're looking to see what would happen if someone took your shenanigans on a put-put course seriously and decided to film it for a competition, this is your show! While […]

Interview: Aydan & NMPLOL Play Shave The Day For Cancer Research

Schick Xtreme and Playcrafting recently co-designed a new mobile game called Shave The Day, a game with a greater purpose to it than shaving. The game lets players shave heads for Bald Bucks, which is a  virtual currency in the game that Schick then turns into real donations toward the head-shaving charity St. Baldrick's Foundation. […]

PewDiePie YouTube Headshot

YouTube Signs PewDiePie To A New Exclusive Streaming Deal

It looks like PewDiePie and YouTube have officially made up, as the two have agreed to a new live-streaming deal. Three years ago Felix Kjellberg found himself in hot water with the platform, and ever since then it feels like the two have been in a weird relationship where they need each other to a […]

Critical Role Critter Hug Promo

Critical Role's New Show Critter Hug Will Launch On May 4th

This week, Critical Role finally announced the launch date of their new show Critter Hug as it will debut on May 4th, 2020 at 10am PDT. The show was actually announced a few weeks ago on their Twitch channel, but then COVID-19 happened and put the world on hold, and with it went many of […]

How to Draw The Child | Let's Draw Star Wars

Learn To Draw Your Very Own Baby Yoda With Lucasfilm

Baby Yoda took over the world last fall after debuting in The Mandalorian. The toys were an instant sellout, the character became one of the most-shared memes on social media, and is just the most adorable thing ever. Lucasfilm understands our insatiable need for content featuring "The Child." With that in mind, and during the […]

Microsoft announced Inside Xbox is returning this week, courtesy of Xbox.

Inside Xbox Will Makes Its Return This Week On April 7th

Microsoft revealed earlier today that the Xbox team will be bringing back Inside Xbox this week, with the first episode starting on April 7th. The show acts much like the Nintendo Direct or Sony's State Of Play livestreams. Only they've been doing it longer and they tend to focus on just a couple games a […]

Typical Gamer Profile Pic

Typical Gamer Signs A New Exclusive Streaming Deal With YouTube

This week, YouTube announced that they have signed a new exclusive streaming deal with Canadian gaming creator Andre "Typical Gamer" Rebelo. He announced the news yesterday in a new video, which you can watch below, as he'll be holding a celebratory livestream today. The details of the new deal were not made available, but we're […]

StreamElements Opens Custom Streamers Merch Store With SE.Merch

StreamElements Opens Custom Streamers Merch Store With SE.Merch

StreamElements announced today that they are giving streamers from all platforms a new custom merch store option called SE.Merch. The shorthand is that those who decide to sign up for it will be given a storefront in which they can pick from an array of items to have their branding attached to and sold through […]

Activision Blizzard & Google Announces Multi-Year "Strategic Relationship"

Activision Blizzard & Google Announces Multi-Year "Strategic Relationship"

This week, Activision Blizzard announced that they had entered into a new multi-year "strategic relationship" with Google to power new player experiences. The main takeaways from the deal are that Google Cloud will serve as the preferred provider for Activision Blizzard's game hosting infrastructure, while YouTube will serve as its exclusive streaming partner. (Except for […]

YouTube Signs LazarBeam, Muselk, & Valkyrae To New Streaming Deals

YouTube finally makes a bit of noise in the streaming game this month by signing three gamers to exclusive deals on their platform. The three gaming creators signed to new deals are LazarBeam, Muselk, and Valkyrae. The deals officially go into effect starting tomorrow, January 14th, 2020. To mark the occasion, Muselk will host a […]

StreamElements & Arsenal Releases Q4 Streaming Industry Results

This week, StreamElements along with released a report on the Q4 results of streaming media and the trends within that industry. You can read over the full report here, but here's a shorthand of the highlights. Facebook Gaming managed to grow on several fronts, due in part to their recent signings of permanent streamers. […]

"Game Grumps" Play "Magic: The Gathering: Arena"

"Game Grumps" Play "Magic: The Gathering: Arena"

Recently, the Game Grumps YouTube channel uploaded a video wherein one of their hosts, Arin Hanson, played Magic: The Gathering: Arena (the online interface for Wizards of the Coast's wonderfully-popular game Magic: The Gathering), while co-host Danny Avidan watched intently, bringing his own nostalgia into the mix. A few months back, the Grumps tried their hand at playing […]

YouTube Gaming Announces New Streaming Deal With Lachlan

YouTube Gaming Announces New Streaming Deal With Lachlan

Another streamer makes a play to call somewhere else beyond Twitch home as Lachlan announced he is moving to YouTube Gaming. The gamer has been on the rise the past couple years and scored big earlier this month during Fortnite's "black hole" event where they trolled their fans. Aside from signing with YouTube for a […]

YouTube To Release First Interactive Special "A Heist With Markiplier"

YouTube To Release First Interactive Special "A Heist With Markiplier"

Markiplier is no stranger to making interactive adventures, as he's made a couple for his own channel. Now he's making one specific for YouTube. Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach got together with the folks at Rooster Teeth to produce a brand new adventure, which will debut on October 30th, 2019. We have the trailer and brief description […]

StreamElements Research Shows Ninja Did Little To Help Mixer So Far

StreamElements, who work with all four of the major social streaming services we know, released new numbers that negate Ninja's move to Mixer. As we all know, Ninja made the move to the platform a few months ago, both for money and to find some freedom from Twitch's system. According to a new infographic released […]

"Game Grumps" Hosts Play "Magic: The Gathering"

"Game Grumps" Hosts Play "Magic: The Gathering"

Magic: The Gathering has had its share of celebrity content, especially recently. From their Core 2019 commercial tying into their software interface Magic: The Gathering: Arena (wherein they hired Danny Trejo for a spot in the advertisement) to the addition of NFL athlete Cassius Marsh, linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, to the Command Zone's "Game […]

Indivisible game art

"Indivisible" Anime Opening By Studio Trigger Launches On YouTube

505 Games has released Indivisible's entire opening theme on YouTube ahead of the game's October 8th launch. The opening was animated by Studio Trigger and Titmouse Inc. with the music provided by Indivisible's composer, Hiroki Kikuta. Studio Trigger's Yoh Yoshinari, who created and directed the anime Little Witch Academia, directed Indivisible's opening sequence. Yoshinari also assisted […]

WarnerMedia Lays Off 13% Of Rooster Teeth's Staff

Rooster Teeth Lays Off 13% Of Their Austin-Based Staff

Sad news coming out of Austin, Texas today as Rooster Teeth laid off 13% of their total Austin-based staff due to cutbacks. According to Deadline, the cuts came due to AT&T looking to trim costs across the board with every property they own. CEO Matt Hullum let the news out to the staff saying that […]

Interview: Mini Ladd Chats About His Career & His New Tour

One of the more prominent names in the Let's Play community who haven't abandoned YouTube yet is Craig Thompson, better known to his fans as Mini Ladd. With a career that's been over a decade long and a healthy gaming career, Thompson has decided to embark on a brand new venutre: touring. The Demonetized Tour […]

PewDiePie & Jack Black Team Up For "Minecraft" Mental Health Charity

PewDiePie & Jack Black Team Up For "Minecraft" Mental Health Charity

It looks like PewDiePie and Jack Black are getting together for a good cause as they will be ding a Minecraft charity stream on DLive. The two will be playing for a livestream fundraiser on tomorrow, July 21st, gathering viewer donations for NAMI, Inc (National Alliance on Mental Illness), a charity dedicated to increasing mental […]