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Yellowjackets Season Two: Lauren Ambrose Joins Showtime Series
Showtime's Yellowjackets has an official casting for the adult Vanessa Palmer with Lauren Ambrose to play the older version of Vanessa opposite the younger portrayal played by Liv Hewson With multiple Emmy nominations for season one, it's full steam ahead for the second, and fans have been curious over adult Vanessa. Pictured (left-right): Lauren Ambrose in "Servant" (source: Apple TV)[...]
let the right one in
Following a six-year-journey that saw the series project take on different forms as it went from A&E and TNT to its new home at Showtime after a series green light was given in September 2021, the Demián Bichir-starring Let The Right One In is finally set to hit screens this October[...]
Fellow Travelers: Thrilling Showtime Limited Series Adds To Cast
Showtime's upcoming limited series, Fellow Travelers, has announced five new individuals added to the cast The story, based on a novel of the same name by Thomas Mallon, has seen previous adaptations (such as an opera) and now it heads to the screen. Screenshot of Minnesota Opera's Fellow Travelers adaptation Source: YouTube/Minnesota Opera Included in the recent casting announcement[...]
desus & mero
In a move that's left viewers stunned, Desus (Daniel Baker) & The Kid Mero (Joel Martinez) are ending their Showtime late-night series Desus & Mero after four seasons (with the final episode having aired on June 23rd) "Desus Nice and The Kid Mero will be pursuing separate creative endeavors moving forward Showtime's late-night talk show[...]
american gigolo
Showtime and Paramount Television Studios have rolled out an official trailer for its Jon Bernthal, Gretch Mol & Rosie O'Donnell-starring American Gigolo The cabler's series take is a present-day reimagining of the iconic film, where Bernthal's Julian Kaye is introduced to viewers 18 years after he's been arrested for murder and struggling to find his[...]
american gigolo
After some behind-the-scenes rumblings (more on that below), Showtime and Paramount Television Studios have rolled out an official teaser for its Jon Bernthal, Gretch Mol & Rosie O'Donnell-starring American Gigolo. The cabler's series take is a present-day reimagining of the iconic film, where Bernthal's Julian Kaye is introduced to viewers 18 years after he's been arrested[...]
The Man Who Fell to Earth is an Overcooked Sequel and Remake
Since nothing is sacred anymore and any classic book, movie, or TV show is considered a franchise or Intellectual Property, it's no surprise we would get a new TV adaptation that's both a sequel and a remake. "The Man Who Fell to Earth" key art: Showtime The Man Who Fell to Earth 2022 features Chewitel Efijior as[...]
Only days after Showtime and Paramount Television Studios parted ways with series' developer, writer, director & EP David Hollander following an investigation into allegations of misconduct, production on the Jon Bernthal-starring American Gigolo has been suspended for four days With only two episodes of the 10-episode season still left the film, production was reportedly expected[...]
Queer as Folk: Russell T. Davies Praises Peacock's "Re-Imagined" Show
Davies' 1999 original Channel 4 drama opened the doors to more and more diverse representation on television both in the UK and the US, inspiring an American remake that lasted 5 seasons on Showtime in the early 2000s It was Queer as Folk that put Davies on the map as one of the hottest showrunners[...]
Yellowjackets' Creators & Cast On Celebrating "F*cked Up Women"
There is a freedom found in some female-led shows on television right now and some stars & creators behind Showtime's Yellowjackets would agree This was discussed in a recent panel featuring two stars from the series, Melanie Lynskey (who portrays Shauna), Tawney Cypress (who portrays Taissa), as well as Karyn Kusama who directed the pilot which set up the two timelines,[...]
Paramount Plus to Add Showtime Content, Allow In-App Bundle Upgrade
When it comes to new incoming changes, ViacomCBS (soon to be rebranded Paramount), is adding some more flexibility through their primary streaming service Paramount Plus as it will start integrating Showtime content in the summer, launching an in-app upgrade that includes access to the premium cable network's programming the company announced on February 15 "So[...]
Earlier today, Showtime announced that the Paul Giamatti & Corey Stoll-starring series will be returning for a seventh season Koppelman and Levien serve as executive producers and co-showrunners alongside Beth Schacter. Image: Screencap Now here's a look at the current sixth season of Showtime's Billions: As Mike Prince (Corey Stoll) takes his place on the Axe Capital throne,[...]
Let the Right One In: Nick Stahl Joins Showtime Vampire Drama Series
Last fall, viewers learned that pilot writer/showrunner Andrew Hinderaker and director Seith Mann's 10-episode series adaptation of Let the Right One In had found a series home at Showtime Now we're learning who else has been tapped to join the cast, with Nick Stahl (Fear the Walking Dead) aboard the vampire drama series[...]
From iconic Disney Channel roles to her recent appearance as Misty on Showtime's Yellowjackets, Hanratty has been in a ton of different projects for some time now. Yellowjackets (Image: Screencap/Showtime) I was browsing my Twitter feed one evening, as I often do, and I came across a tweet from someone expressing gratitude towards a video showing Hanratty[...]
Yellowjackets: Answers On Jackie's Diary, Cannibalism, & Season 2
Recent interviews with the Showtime series team, such as co-creators/showrunners Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, as well as one with co-showrunner Jonathan Lisco, have opened up a lot of doors with information and revelations Obviously, plenty of spoilers will be included so turn back now if you need to catch up on season one…buzz buzz. Ella[...]