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David Lynch Offers Deeper Insight into Twin Peaks Ending: "This Is the Ending"
Credit: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME If we're to believe the words of David Lynch – and there aren't a lot in his answer to interpret – then it looks like Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and "Laura's" (Sheryl Lee) spiraling "Crisis on Infinite Twin Peaks" courtesy of "Judy" won't be getting a resolution any time soon Appearing with MacLachlan and Laura Dern[...]
Twin Peaks: Mark Frost Will Break Your Hearts, Audrey Horne Fans
We watch Audrey recreate her "Audrey dance" before she's jarred back to the reality of waking up in a mysterious bright room. Was Audrey stuck in The Black Lodge? Was Audrey still in a coma? Was Audrey locked away in a mental institution? Theories ranged from the practical and the improbable to the downright absurd, but[...]
Cooper's dilemma of when Good Cooper trapped Bad Cooper [both played by Kyle MacLachlan] out and that weirdly prescient line of the spirit of Laura's whispering to Cooper, 'I will see you again in 25 years.' That was the springboard to the story and that is where I saw the opening to bring us back[...]
Twin Peaks: David Lynch Talks Bowie, Jeffries, And Giant Tea Kettles
I'm not sold on the idea that Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) saving Laura (Sheryl Lee) from her late-night fate on that night meant that it wasn't going to happen eventually As for "Judy," I'm still piecing together evidence to make the case that Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) is that "ultimate evil" personified. But just as we're beginning[...]
David Lynch's Response To 'Twin Peaks' Season 4 As Vague As Finale
If that were the case, we would have to wait a few more years because it took me four-and-a-half years to write and record this [season]." can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: "Small Stories" by David Lynch ( As for what fans should take away from the last moments of the season/series finale that found[...]
Twin Peaks Season 3, Part 16 Recap: "I AM The FBI."
We've got two hours left for what appears to be a major showdown brewing in and around Sheriff Truman's station in Twin Peaks. And while we may have finally gotten our FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) back in this episode, it wasn't without  loss and some horrifically tragic truths thrown at us along the[...]