Victory Road Results – Brian Myers Works Out His Daddy Issues

After some technical difficulties made watching the opening match of Impact Wrestling's Victory Road event difficult, Impact seems to have things back on track for the second match. They even issued an apology on Twitter:

Apologies for the technical issues with the opening match – should be smooth sailing from here and the full VOD will be available immediately after show show including The Rascalz vs. XXXL.

After restarting the feed, Brian Myers heads to the ring, followed by Tommy Dreamer. They're fighting in a grudge match because Tommy Dreamer is Myers' wrestling daddy, and Myers has daddy issues.

Bryan Myers faces his wrestling daddy, Tommy Dreamer, at Impact Wrestling's Victory Road
Bryan Myers faces his wrestling daddy, Tommy Dreamer, at Impact Wrestling's Victory Road.

Victory Road Results Part 2 – Brian Myers vs. Tommy Dreamer

  • The story here is that Brian Myers came to Impact Wrestling with a massive attitude problem, which of course, is ridiculous considering he was such a jobber in WWE that his gimmick was being a jobber. But Tommy Dreamer is like a mentor figure to Myers, and so Dreamer has been showing him some tough love on Impact. That led to this match tonight.
  • Tommy Dreamer is 49 years old, pushing 70, so it's actually impressive he's able to compete at the level he is today. This is a decent match, helped I'm sure, by Myers being motivated to make Dreamer look good in the ring.
  • As far as the in-ring story, it's Dreamer's experience and knowledge vs. the younger Myers' advantage in athleticism.
  • Thanks to his experience, Dreamer nearly gets the win with his DDT, but Myers gets a foot on the rope. Dreamer heads to the top and gets crotched. Myers then hits a clothesline for the win.

Well, that was much better. I'm glad Impact got their feed issues sorted out because Victory Road was gonna be tough to watch in stop motion. This was a good match, and obviously, Myers going over was the right move. Dreamer may be older, but he's still one of ECW's biggest stars, and beating him means something.

After the match, we see Moose complaining to Scott D'Amore backstage. He doesn't want to wrestle tonight because he's preoccupied with EC3 having stolen his TNA championship. D'Amore tells him wrestlers wrestle, so Moose should go do that. Moose wants D'Amore to do something about EC3, who is planning to hold a funeral for the TNA Championship on Tuesday. D'Amore tells him that's Tuesday Moose's problem.

Check back soon for more live Impact Wrestling Victory Road results here at Bleeding Cool.

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