Vikings: New Look at the Final Season with the Lothbroks [SDCC]

History Channel may not have many drama series, but the one that really hit for them is Vikings. The bloody brutality of the show's six-season run is almost at an end, but they're back for one last comic con panel to talk about the first half of the final season and tease a bit of the series' ending.

Vikings Look at the Final Season with the Lothbroks - SDCC
Vikings SDCC@Home panel

Stars of the series Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Alex Ludwig, Clive Standen, and Jordan Patrick Smith sit down with TV Guide's Kate Hahn to discuss the series, the final installment (no spoilers), and the family aspect of the show, fandom, and filming. They even release a clip from the upcoming episodes – an exclusive first look!

Sadly, they did not reveal the premiere date of the final half of the sixth season; it's still marked as "late 2020." However, there is speculation that since the first half of the final season premiered early last December that they're making us wait a full year before dropping the real ending. But, good news – the year is almost over, so if we can all survive to December, maybe we'll get a nice Viking treat if we're not all dead by then!

Speaking of dead, the show gets bloody, and the characters don't fare very well most times – and by that, I mean the deaths and blood are about on-par with Game of Thrones. Katheryn and Travis talk about how their dearly departed characters Lagertha and Ragnar are getting along in Valhalla. "Now that Lagertha has gone to Valhalla, it's definitely harder than I thought I would go through … it was a bittersweet moment in a lot of ways. … Michael brought me such a great death and funeral!"

Showrunner, writer, and executive producer Michael Hirst had the final word on the series finale. "The characters who we all have grown to love will all have their fates decided. Whether they live or die is, of course, in the fates of the gods (although I had a hand in it too). I think the conclusion of the saga is deeply satisfying; a proper and meaningful ending, and I hope all our fans will feel the same way. I try to do justice to all my characters, and I hope I succeeded."

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