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WandaVision: Kathryn Hahn on Her iTunes Milestone "Agatha All Along"

If one were to pinpoint the success of the Disney+ Marvel series WandaVision, you can make several cases from the writing, the subversive take on American sitcoms, the deeply-rooted fanbase of the MCU, and its lovable relatable characters. Could the series' MVP just be Kathryn Hahn, whose character Agatha Harkness shot to superstardom with the notoriously catchy jingle "Agatha All Along", which Disney made available to download via iTunes? Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the actress tried to make sense of understanding her newfound fame from the 63-second song.

WandaVision: Kathryn Hahn on Her iTunes Milestone
Screencapped from YouTube. Image courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney

WandaVision Star Kathryn Hahn's Reaction to Song Success

"I don't understand it," Hahn said. "I know, it's amazing. It's so crazy. Seth, what's happening? I don't have social media, so the whole thing was like filtered down through all this. I was like, 'Are you kidding me?!' It's so funny. Meanwhile, I'm outside scooping dog crap, scooping cat crap. The whole thing is so bonkers right now." The actress is currently fostering kittens during the pandemic. "Agatha All Along" quickly topped the iTunes soundtrack chart since the series seventh episode "Breaking the Fourth Wall" revealed Hahn's character's true nature from nosey neighbor to powerful witch.

Since the reveal, Agatha's been persistent peeling the layers of Wanda's (Elizabeth Olsen) diving into her traumatic past in Sokovia with a close-call from a Tony Stark bomb could have incinerated the Maximoff family, but ended up being a dud. We're also introduced to more of Wanda's origins as an unwitting test subject and the effects from the exposure of the mind stone. While a large chunk of exposition fell into place, we're still left to wonder where the realization leaves us entering the upcoming finale on March 5. What do you think happens? Will we see dueling Visions or does Marvel lack foresight? Will WandaVision deliver another X-Men cameo? Tune in same Wanda time, same Wanda channel.

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