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Summer Box Office Wrap-Up: Hits, Misses, & Barbie
3 was right in line with the first two, giving the MCU a much-needed win, and like we just discussed, Spider-Verse was loved by everyone No, the DC side is the one that should be worried The Flash was a complete disaster, and Blue Beetle was met with a complete shrug of the shoulders Was[...]
Trivial Pursuit: Marvel Cinematic Universe Ultimate Edition Announced
The Op has revealed an all-new tabletop game for those who fancy themselves masters of MCU trivia with a new Marvel title We're getting Trivial Pursuit: Marvel Cinematic Universe Ultimate Edition This is designed to be the end-all-be-all for those who have seen everything from the first three phases of the MCU, starting with the[...]
How Many Mistakes Will You See in Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline?
Which will officially and in canon establish, season by season, year by year, the timeline of the MCU It will presumably address Spider-Man Homecoming's "eight years later" moment, how Arnim Zola could turn Bucky into the Winter Soldier after he had been captured, and maybe even how Ant-Man could be hotwiring the van and fighting[...]
x-men '97
With production first getting underway in Fall 2020 and a second season confirmed, DeMayo sees the animated series as a large part of his life "for the foreseeable future," along with two upcoming non-MCU feature projects As for the series and how it will be received by a fanbase that's remained faithful to the series[...]
Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold press briefing at White House | 4/14/20
Catch up on more of our coverage with this tag. When Donald Trump visited the Founding of the MCU And they talked to David Maisel, who mentioned a previously unmentioned guest at that meeting Maisel said, "It was over lunch at the Mar-a-Lago Country Club I remember Donald Trump came by the table to say hi to[...]
Anthony Mackie Reportedly Closes a Deal to Star in Captain America 4
All Rights Reserved. Anthony Mackie on His 10-Year MCU Experience During an interview with The Wrap (completed pre-WGA strike), Mackie discussed how the upcoming film brought him closer to a full-circle experience for both the actor and his character by explaining, "It kind of brought my Marvel experience full circle because we shot in D.C[...]
secret invasion
But perhaps one of the biggest red flags has to do with Don Cheadle's James "Rhodey" Rhodes and what the series is saying about him and his place in the MCU At this point, we're throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!"  sign and throwing down an image spoiler buffer before we go any further[...]
It might have damaged the MCU brand because you can actually feel the value of that IP (Intellectual Property) circling down the drain as the show progressed Every single character in the story was a complete idiot yanked along by the plot that lurched from one clichéd twist after another We quietly predicted four weeks[...]
secret invasion
And speaking of final runs, we also have a sneak preview for this week's chapter – as G'iah (Emilia Clarke) comes to Varra's (Charlayne Woodard) aid to help defend her home. Image: Disney+ Screencap With that in mind, here's a quick rewind on what went down in the previous episode – followed by a look at what's ahead[...]
Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman Will Return As Wolverine & A Release Date
The other two, we did get it; it's a big difference, at least for me, the MCU part of it vs the Fox/Marvel part of it They're so strict So I've only seen glimpses of what I'm in." The actor then teased his on-set experiences, sharing, "When I did some of the stuff, I saw some[...]
secret invasion
She's made several recurring appearances throughout MCU on both the TV and theatrical front, with her latest foray in the Disney+ limited series Secret Invasion opposite her long-time co-star Samuel L Jackson, who reprises his role as former S.H.I.E.L.D Director Nick Fury The How I Met Your Mother star spoke about her time as Hill[...]
Doctor Strange 2: Patrick Stewart Admits Professor X in Film
I think people are just going to freakin' get blown away, and I'm not saying shit more than what I just said." Elsewhere in the conversation, the creator discussed his status with the MCU and any advice he's offered to the studio's Kevin Feige, noting, "You know what, I was very honored Mr Feige reached out[...]
marvel studios
Simply put, if SAG-AFTRA go on strike than the chances of Hall H living up to its reputation of big names making big news diminishes considerably. Image: Marvel Studios Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion: A Preview For a look at what's still to come, here's that sneak preview for Marvel Studios & Disney+'s Secret Invasion – followed by the[...]
The Incredible Hulk Coming To Disney+ Tomorrow
The Incredible Hulk is coming to Disney+, and we are one step closer to completing the MCU all in one place The rights to the 2008 film, the second-ever release from Marvel Studios, have reverted back to Marvel, and now the film will be placed under the Marvel tab on Disney+ Louis Leterrier directed the[...]