WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins at WWE Money in the Bank

Seth Rollins has held numerous titles in the WWE, including the WWE Championship. This time Rollins was hoping to win it again, this time off of Drew McIntyre. Since WrestleMania, Rollins has had his eyes on McIntyre, yearning and itching for the WWE Championship. McIntyre's impressive return to WWE and his climb to the top have been inspirational — it's been a delight watching him flawlessly transition from heel to face.

Both men were focused in this match, getting in plenty of heavy hits early on. Neither was afraid to throw each other into the turnbuckles, and McIntyre was on the ball with showing off his strength. Rollins was a little over the top with selling some of McIntyre's hits, but it added flair and drama.

Seth Rollins challenged Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, courtesy of WWE.
Seth Rollins challenged Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, courtesy of WWE.

McIntyre was locked into a painful-looking STF, with a lot of pressure on McIntyre's back leg. McIntyre dramatically crawled to the ropes in order to break the hold, and he looked to be as every bit of pain that one would expect. Rollins had the upper hand in the middle of the match, unafraid of using every inch of the ring to his advantage. Just ignore Rollins yelling about how this is his destiny. While I do think Rollins is a better heel than a face, this current gimmick feels stale and silly.

McIntyre got his second wind after Rollins had the upper hand for the middle of the match, tossing Rollins around like a rag doll. McIntyre was looking to put this match away with his trademark Claymore Kick, but "The Messiah" evaded. The two managed to drag this match out longer than it likely needed to be, spending a lot of time playing as if they were exhausted on the mat. In the end, McIntyre retained his belt, much to the fanfare of the viewers at home (or so I'm assuming). McIntyre even shook the hand of Rollins, showing excellent sportsmanship. Did you enjoy this match? Who should get the WWE Championship next? Let us know in the comments below!

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