WWE Hell in a Cell – Jeff Hardy Disqualifies Himself to Send a Message

As the Roman Reigns and Jey Uso feud caused a slew of exaggerated flashbacks to every fight ever had with one's siblings, WWE's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view launched into the second match of the night following Roman's victory. With the Roman and Jey feud hardly utilizing the cell at all, the brutal and accessorized beatdown kicked off the evening with a cold-blooded feud likely to extend all the way to WrestleMania.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 key art (Image: WWE)
WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 key art (Image: WWE)

Although it would be difficult to top the dramatic exit of Roman into the arms of his tribal elders, the second match of Hell in a Cell kicked off on a much different note: the return of Elias.

Only four months ago, Elias' appearances came to a halt when he was involved in a vehicular assault at Sheamus's hands (despite still holding Jeff Hardy responsible). Elias serenaded the crowd with a ruthless ballad about Hardy's struggles with sobriety, with the audience turning against the former favorite in favor of the legendary Hardy.

For the first time since the accident, the two men came face to face in the ring, with one man seeking revenge and the other seeking innocence. The match started off quickly, with both men going blow for blow in a much-needed momentum shift in comparison to the dramatically slow wrestling between Reigns and Uso.

Elias drew the first small victory of the fight after he threw Hardy out of the ring. Still, the experience of Hardy successfully shifted the environment to his advantage, using both the stairs and barriers to his advantage. A miscalculated hit nearly cost Hardy the match only moments into the fight. Elias takes advantage of Hardy's hiccup with a barrage of brutality, ending Hardy's run with a severe clothesline. Hardy did not stay down for long, managing a dropkick to Elias, and went for the first pin in Hell in a Cell of the night. Elias managed to catch Hardy in a powerbomb shortly after, nearly ending the match with a very close two-count from the ref.

Refusing Elias any momentum, Hardy left the arena to catch his opponent's guitar attack but quickly disqualified himself by liquifying the instrument against Elias' body. It was hard to see Hardy lose the match during the upswing of his sobriety, but after Elias' cruel words to him at the jump of their fight, it was a worthy ending to their already crazy feud. Despite saying nothing the entire match, Hardy left with a booming message: do not question his abstemiousness or suffer the consequences.

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