WWE NXT's Next PPV Will Be One Nobody Asked For, In Your House

For reasons we can't really explain, WWE decided to resurrect an old PPV name for the next NXT event as TakeOver is going In Your House. The word came down on the latest episode of NXT tonight from Shawn Michaels and Triple H, followed by the official announcement on Twitter with the new logo you see below. The event is set to take place on June 7th, with a full card yet to be announced. The move is the second return-to-nostalgia project the brand has brought back, the first one being the WCW concept War Games where teams battle each other in two rings surrounded by a cage. But the big question is this: Who actually wanted to see In Your House brought back? Of all the PPV concepts WWE has at their disposal from previous years (King Of The Ring, Backlash, No Mercy, Rebellion) that are basically just sitting in the television version of a junk drawer, In Your House is the equivalent of old butterscotch candy you should have thrown out in 2002. The inaugural event even had them giving away a house as a contest to promote it, which they gave to an 11-year-old who sold the home six months later.

WWE is bringing NXT In Your House.
WWE is bringing NXT In Your House.

What's more, let's consider something we just brought up in this article, which is the fact that WWE brought back War Games. A WCW concept. There are so many better choices from the dusty collection of unused WCW PPV concepts than In Your House. Superbrawl would have been better. Bash At The Beach would have been better. The Great American Bash would have been better. Even stuff that is for specific seasons would have been better like Halloween Havoc, Fall Brawl, and Spring Stampede. Let us not forget that In Your House was basically a marketing ploy to hold PPV events monthly when WWF/E wasn't holding one of their major established events. So basically, WWE is now just reminding fans they want PPV money, and are willing to milk bad nostalgia just to get it. On the bright side, that's one PPV brand copyright AEW won't be getting.

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