WWE Payback Results: Big E's Singles Push Runs Through Sheamus

Bleeding Cool's live coverage of WWE Payback continues. We've already got a new Intercontinental Champion tonight (see Chelsy's report on the first match between Apollo Crews and Bobby Lashley for details). I've been drinking Captain Morgan and Dr. Pepper since 6 PM. It's shaping up to be a pretty good night here on WWE Payback.

WWE Payback Report Part 3

After a commercial for the WWE Network and one for WWE on Hulu, Michael Cole and Corey Graves take over the Payback commentary booth. Because nowhere is safe with Michael Cole around, Cole plays a recap of the end of Friday Night Smackdown, where Roman Reigns was revealed to be in league with Paul Heyman. Backstage, AJ Styles puts his fist through a TV set.

A look at WWE Payback (Image: WWE)
A look at WWE Payback (Image: WWE)

Kayla Braxton waits outside Roman's dressing room when Paul Heyman arrives. Kayla asks him how he squirreled his way into that. Heyman wonders why Charly Caruso isn't available to ask him questions. She's on Raw, Paul E. Heyman says everyone knows his resume. Kayla asks him if Roman will sign the contract for the main event tonight. Heyman thinks he will, but she'll have to ask Roman. Kayla asks if she can come into the locker room and ask him. Heyman says no.

Keith Lee exercises backstage. Are we gonna get to a match, or what? JBL catches up with Lee. He gives Lee some stock tips, though LEe will need a million bucks to buy-in. Lee points out he was on an NXT salary until last week. JBL tells him to win this match and he'll be on his way.

Finally, it's time for a match. Or not. Cole plays us a clip of The Miz and Big E arguing on Talking Smack. The Miz says racism doesn't exist and defends Kyle Rittenhouse was the gist of it, I think. I didn't pay attention.

Okay, now, finally, Sheamus comes out. In a prerecorded promo, Sheamus says people have been talking about Big E since the start of the New Day and Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods holding him back. But Sheamus says those guys have been propping him up and now it's Big E's time to fall. Big E comes out.

Big E vs. Sheamus

  • They grapple to start and exchange exciting moves like waist-locks and headlocks.
  • Big E tries to do something exciting and hit a splash on the apron but he misses.
  • Sheamus takes over now. He really gets the crowd going with a knee lock.
  • Eventually, Big E fights back with some belly-to-belly suplexes and a urinage. That gets him a two-count. Sheamus is immune to moves with "urine" in the name, due to that Jeff Hardy feud.
  • Sheamus takes control again and hits a big Alabama Slam for two.
  • Sheamus works on Big E's knees again with another submission, but Big E makes it to the ropes.
  • Big E hits his spear through the ropes to the floor on Sheamus.
  • Big E claps to get a "New Day Rocks" chant going and WWE pipes one in on the laugh track.
  • Sheamus hits a knee to the face that gets another two-count. He sets up for the Brogue Kick. But Big E reverses into a Powerbomb and hits the Big Ending for the win.

It was an okay match. Pretty much average. But it established that Big E is serious about this singles push. Big E is looking f**king ripped too. It's too bad there's no real crowd here because I think they'd be really behind him. Big E flexes his boobs at Corey Graves after the match.

Alison Ashton interviews Matt Riddle backstage, bro. She asks about his first-ever main roster PPV match against King Corbin, bro. Is he motivated, bro? Riddle says he's always motivated, bro. Corbin has been harshing his vibe, bro. Corbin is afraid Riddle will take his crown, bro, and that's what he's gonna do, bro. Ashton asks about Corbin talking shit on Twitter about Riddle's personal life. Was he talking about Riddle cheating on his wife? Balls.

Nia Jax talks to Shayna Baszler backstage. They don't like each other. But they can beat Bayley and Sasha if Shayna follows her lead. Shayna says Jax needs to stay out of her way. They shove each other, but that's how they show affection.

Some commercials and then we'll be back shortly with our live Payback coverage. Well, Chelsy will be back. She's covering the next match, whatever it is.

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