WWE Raw Preview: 2 Matches Set for Tonight's Show

WWE Raw is on again tonight (as it is every Monday), which means it's time for Bleeding Cool to somehow turn a preview of the night's show into a listicle to please the SEO gods and bring upon us their bounty of unique clicks. For the SEO gods do smile upon those who publish listicles, or so we are told by Bleeding Cool Editorial. And when has an editorial mandate ever been wrong?!

There's just one problem… someone at WWE has forgotten to advertise more than two matches for the show tonight. Can we make a listicle out of only two matches? We don't know, but god dammit, we're gonna try. Here are 2 matches planned for WWE Raw tonight, baby!

1. Bianca Belair will face Bayley Again on WWE Raw

Tonight on WWE Raw, Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair will face a new challenger! Just kidding, it's WWE, so it's a rematch. Belair will face Bayley in a non-title match on Raw tonight, but if we're all really lucky, this will turn into yet another rematch for the title, presumably in Saudi Arabia.

WWE Raw promo graphic
WWE Raw promo graphic

2. Judgment Day for Karl Anderson on WWE Raw

Marvel's super-mega-crossover events have finally become so bloated that they've crossed over into completely unrelated areas of entertainment! At first we assumed it was a coincidence that WWE launched a Judgment Day stable around the same time as Marvel was planning the super-mega-crossover event AXE: Judgment Day. But tonight on Raw, we're told that Karl Anderson "prepares to be judged," which tells us that a celestial will descend upon the ring as Anderson is facing Finn Balor. The world is doomed, obviously. There's no way he passes.

WWE Raw promo graphic
WWE Raw promo graphic

Nothing else has been announced, but we can probably expect more from Seth Rollins and Mustafa Ali, and something from the newly reintroduced Baron Corbin. We'll also get something promoting Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar, but presumably, we shouldn't expect Lesnar to be on Raw again tonight. That would be too many weeks in a row.

We hope you enjoyed this listicle. Actually, that's a lie. We don't care if you enjoyed it. We only care that the SEO gods liked it. WWE Raw is on the USA Network at 8/7C, and presumably there will be more matches than this.

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