WWE Raw – Who's the Daddy of Rey Mysterio's Children?

It's nonstop action and surprises on WWE Monday Night Raw tonight, which, as we all know, doesn't necessarily equate to a good episode, but it's way better than the usual Raw formula, which is for nothing exciting to happen at all.

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.


WWE Raw Report for September 21, 2020 Part 3

We see a video package for Bianca Belair showing her working out and doing things better than some random guy in the gym, who becomes frustrated by it.

Then we see a video from earlier today with Akira Tozawa waiting to wrestle R-Truth at the beach. He and a ninja go swimming. R-Truth arrives, and Tozawa and the ninja dive under the water to hide. Truth makes his way to the water, but he sees a shark. He drops the title and runs. Tozawa and the ninja runs. Truth comes back 20 minutes later with a pair of flippers and a snorkel to try to get his belt back from the water. But the shark is still there. Little Jimmy is almost pulled away in the riptide (that got dark), but truth grabs the belt and Little Jimmy. Okay then.

Cedric Alexander comes out for a match. I guess he's not in the match against Retribution later since there are only three men in the core group. MVP has a mic. He tells Retribution that they'll be in a six-man tag team match tonight and definitively come to know why Hurt Business is the Hurt Business. He says it's actually the Hurt Business who are the executioners, not Retribution.

Cedric grabs the mic and says he found out what to expect when you mess with Hurt Business. Now he's gonna get even with Apollo Crews for using him for months to get championship opportunities. Tonight, he's gonna show Crews he doesn't give a damn about him or his kids. Apollo comes out, with a new theme song and an old Ricochet.

Apollo says he and Ricochet don't care anymore why Cedric did what he did. The only thing they care about is punching him the face. Tonight MVP will get a front-row seat to see how it's gonna go down at Clash of Champions when he wins the United States Championship back from Bobby Lashley.

Cedric Alexander vs. Apollo Crews

  • After a brief commercial break to start the match, most of the match is spent with Alexander working a headlock on Crews.
  • Crews wins with a rollup after Alexander wastes time talking trash to Ricochet.

Lashley and Benjamin run out and jump Crews and Ricochet after the match. Raw takes a commercial break.

Raw Underground

Dolph Ziggler faces Arturo Ruas on Raw Underground. After a lengthy (for Raw Underground) match consisting of these two guys really rolling around a lot and pretending to bend each other's body parts, Ziggler wins with a choke.

Shane wants to talk to Braun Strowman, but Strowman roars at him. Briana Brandy takes the mic. She asks him what we can expect from his match with Dabba-Kato tonight. Braun is enraged. He doesn't think Dabba=Kato is all that impressive. He hopes Shane bought him dental insurance because he's gonna rearrange his teeth. LOL at a wrestler suggesting a wrestling promotion provide insurance.

Back in the Thunderdome, Seth Rollins comes to the ring with a manila envelope. He says after he defeated Dominik Mysterio last week, he thought this feud, which has worn out its welcome, was over. But something has been bothering him about the family. He should have let it go, but he… oh god. He says he decided to look into this, and he noticed WWE.com posted photos of the Mysterio family this week and a light bulb went off.

The world needs to know the truth. He puts the photograph on the Titantron. He points out something is "amiss." It's how much taller Dominik is. Seth says it doesn't seem possible. It's unbelievable. We deserve the truth, so Rollins had some people do some digging, and he has the results of the investigation. Before he reveals the info, he invites the Mysterio family to come out and find out the truth in person. He says he owes them that much.

Rey and his family come out. Rey says they're all tired of Rollins's mind games. Rollins tells him to calm down. He's come to respect them throughout their feud. He's inspired by them. They stand together, cheer each other on, fight together, and overcome adversity together. That's why they deserve the truth.

In the envelope, Seth has the results of a DNA test. He can answer whether Rey is really Dominik's father. He opens the envelope. The results of the test ar conclusive. "Rey Mysterio… you are NOT THE FATHER!" Seth laughs. The fake piped-in Raw crowd boos. Mysterio is skeptical. He doesn't believe it. He tells Seth to stop lying.

Rollins says Rey might be onto something. Maybe he made a mistake. He asked his guy to look into the Mysterio kid. Maybe it's not Dominik who isn't Rey's son, but Aalyah who's not his daughter. And if the paternity test isn't enough, he has some concrete evidence to back it up. He plays footage from last week, where Aalyah stopped to share a tender moment with Murphy. Seth says that doesn't look like something a Mysterio would do. She wasn't consoling a Mysterio. She was consoling Rollins' disciple, Murphy.

He asks Aalyah what was going on. Rey says not to talk to her. He already spoke with her about that. He raised her to be caring and compassionate. He tells Seth to keep his daughter's name out of his filthy match. She's just 19 years old and knows nothing about our world. Aalyah looks insulted by that and walks off backstage. Angie follows, leaving just Rey and Dominik. Rey follows. Then Dominik leaves.

Rollins apologizes to the crowd. He says he just came out here to inform, not to drive a wedge in the Mysterio family. But he guesses that sometimes happens with families. Even one as strong as the Mysterio family. He looks at the camera: "I'm sure it's probably happened to some of you and your families. I'm sorry." He puts down the mic and leaves. Fantastic segment.

So how will WWE finish off this wonderful trainwreck of a show? Find out in the fourth and final part of our Raw report.

This post is part of a multi-part series: WWE Monday Night Raw Report for September 21st, 2020.

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