WWE's Antifa-Inspired Stable, Retribution, Finally Comes to Twitter

Yesterday during WWE Monday Night Raw, the wrestling world was shocked to see Retribution unmask and reveal their awesome names. Now, the group has taken to Twitter. Yes, fans now have direct access to Retribution stars such as Mace, T-Bar, and Slapjack. It's like a dream come true for wrestling fans, both shocked and awed by the in-ring debut of these incredible superstars. But what does Retribution tweet about? As you can imagine, each of these exciting characters has their own unique personality, and those personalities are reflected in their first tweets.

Retribution Unmasks on WWE Monday Night Raw... Sort Of
Retribution, from left to right: ????, Dio Madden, Mia Yim, Dominik Dijakovic, and Mercedes Martinez

For example, T-Bar, as the leader of the group who does most of the talking during promos, is obviously the anarchist most interested in branding. We probably have T-Bar, whose passion is graphic design, to thank for the Retribution logo. It was done in the style of a very punk spraypaint stencil, which adorns the Thunderdome whenever Retribution makes their iconic entrance, yelling things like "GRRRRRR" while entering the ring from the crowd area behind the announce desk. And so, when T-Bar made his first tweet, he chose to simply post a photo of the group with the caption "WE ARE RETRIBUTION." Short, to the point, and definitely on-brand.

As for Mace, he's the sophisticated member of the group, the one that has a lot of deep thoughts behind his gruff, molotov cocktail throwing exterior. Mace, who we can only imagine would have had a really sick MySpace page back in the day, used a special font for his tweet, which said, "T̴H̸AT ̀E͘RA H̷AS͡ ̀PAS̸SED͡.̷ N̨OT̸H͞IN̸G͠ T͞H̨A̡T̀ ͢B̕EL҉ONGÈD̛ ͡T҉O ͟IT͞ E̶XI͞STS͏ ̡ANY͝M͘ORE.͏ ͡" That's the kind of poetic phrasing we'd expect from a thinking man's Retribution member like Mace.

And then there's Slapjack. Some would say Slapjack is the heart of Retributions. Others would probably say he's the anus. But whatever bodily part you most associate with Slapjack, the one thing you have to understand is that he's a man of action, not words. That's why Slapjack didn't post a caption at all with his tweet, instead just posting a photo of himself kicking Cedric Alexander.

I think I speak for all of us when I say: well said, Slapjack.

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