Xena: Lucy Lawless Unleashes Herculean Trump Beatdown on Kevin Sorbo

If you're a frequent visitor to these Bleeding Cool parts, then you know we've had some thoughts about what's gone on this week with Trump, his gaggle of tinfoil hat-rockers, and their not surprisingly impotent attempt at a coup by trashing the capital and looking to attack members of congress because they're sore losers. Well, we've now entered the phase where their sheer stupidity and raw ignorance really comes into play. See, we live in a world where there's social media- which means stuff gets recorded. Then posted. The shared. And the next thing you know? There are sites up helping the FBI and other law enforcement agencies identify these domestic terrorists. So while some are doing the backstroke in the shallow end of the genetic pool, others are starting to… wait for it… blame it on Antifa. Well, Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless (Ash vs. Evil Dead, Salem) has some thoughts on that- but more in a minute.

Xena star Lucy Lawless has soem words for Kevin Sorbo. (Image: WarnerMedia)
Xena star Lucy Lawless has soem words for Kevin Sorbo. (Image: WarnerMedia)

Thinking of all the ways that argument is so righteously stupid nearly makes my eyes bleed- which means that it's also an argument that the propaganda machines at "Faux Noose," OANN, Newsmax, and other news agencies on the "Goebbels Top 10' hotlist have been churning out. We've even had members of Congress squirting out Trump's talking points. Now… and supporters of Democracy might want to sit down for this one… it appears even Hercules-30-Years-Ago Kevin Sorbo is also starting to make that case. In the following retweet, Sorbo questions the political affiliations of the worst-boy-band-ever members who posed for a number of pictures (including the one he retweeted) and shows that he must still be under a god's curse because he doesn't have a clue what "patriot" means:

It's because of that nonsense that my goddess Karma made sure we had a Lawless in our lives- and our "Xena" didn't have the time or patience for the conspiracy theory nonsense and "identity shell game" that Kevin was attempting to pull off. In the tweet below, you learn everything you need to know about Lawless being a better talent than Sorbo was on screen- and a better human being in Life.

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