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Kevin Sorbo in 2017

East Coast Comicon Founder Responds to Conservative Media Outrage Over Kevin Sorbo Snub

Galbraith reportedly banned Supergirl star Kevin Sorbo from appearing at the convention due to the actor's friendship with Sean Hannity, according to Fox News, writing on Facebook, "I turned down Kevin Sorbo for East Coast Comicon. He’s pals with Sean Hannity I just can’t do it." The conservative media ran with headlines claiming the con had[...]


The Weekly Static S01E05: 'Crybaby' Hulk Hogan, Star Trek: Trump, And More!

Always appreciated! * * * * * Welcome back to The Weekly Static, my adorably desperate attempt at finding either the lighter side of or an interesting perspective on the past week in the land of network television, cable television, streaming, smoke signals, and cloud formations.The goal of The Weekly Static? Why, let me lay that out[...]

Supergirl Meets The Parents And It Goes About As Expected

That's where we meet Rhea (Teri Hatcher) and Lar Gand (Kevin Sorbo), the King and Queen of Daxam and Mon-El's parents This leads to Kara finding out that Mon-El had been lying about who he was, that he was actually the prince of Daxam Kara is predisposed to hating Daxamites because of their history with[...]

Kevin Sorbo Teases His Mystery Supergirl Role

Back in 1993, Kevin Sorbo had gotten the part of Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman where he would play opposite of Teri Hatcher Then 24 hours later, the part was taken away and given to Dean Cain He wasn't out of work long, booking Hercules three months later.Flash forward to[...]

Kevin Sorbo Signs On As Supergirl Villain

Kevin Sorbo, who played the titular hero in the 90's series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, has signed on as a recurring new villain for the CW's Supergirl Who the character is remains a secret or even if he will be human or alien This is the second big signing recently with the announcement of the[...]

Kevin Sorbo Is Voicing Hercules In Smite

This is something.Smite has just passed 10 million players online and to celebrate, it has been announced that Kevin Sorbo will be lending his voice to the Hercules character in the game Yes As In The Hercules: The Legendary Journey Kevin Sorbo.This pack will come free with the game and is hitting August, so using[...]