Grant Morrison Is The Editor In Chief Of Heavy Metal And This Is Not April 1st

It's a long way from writing short Moorcockian stories in seventies fanzines, to being Editor-in-Chief of Heavy Metal. But in another way, it seems inevitable. This must be Heavy Metal's biggest pre-SDCC reveal.

Entertainment Weekly have the PR that Grant Morrison is the new Editor-in-Chief of Heavy Metal Magazine. Look, here he is.

grantThe long running comic book anthology of salacious sci-fi, swords, and sorcery is now owned by Chew and Peter Panzerfaust producer Jeff Krelitz as well as David Boxenbaum, former music industry exec.

And they've put the Big Yin in charge.

Not only that but he will be writing stories and strips for the magazine, and is targeting the likes of Chris Burnham and Frazer Irving. And that his will be his focus for the next year or two…

Seaguy Eternal is just never ever going to happen is it?

Any chance of the return of Gideon Stargrave in said pages, Grant?

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