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Diane O'Bannon Wishes Heavy Metal Would Talk To Her Attorney
Diane O'Bannon, the widow of comics and screenwriter Dan O'Bannon, has posted to social media "Heavy Metal still hasn't made up its mind to deal with The O'Bannon Company about using Dan's "B-17" concept in the comic they want to put out I sure wish they'd give my attorney a call so they can release[...]
Cradle of Filth Gets A Heavy Metal Comic And An Action Figure Line
The band is composed of the only original member, Dani Filth, drummer Martin 'Marthus' Škaroupka, bassist Daniel Firth and guitarists Richard Shaw and Marek 'Ashok' Šmerda. Cradle of Filth Gets A Heavy Metal Comic And An Action Figure Line And now, courtesy of Incendium and Heavy Metal, we will be getting Maledictus Athenaeum, a five-issue Cradle Of Filth[...]
Paul Cornell, Emma Vieceli's Modern Frankenstein From Heavy Metal
And now he is co-creating a new comic book from Heavy Metal in April, Modern Frankenstein with another Bleeding Cool favourite. Emma Vieceli is a comic book writer and artist, known for Young Avengers, Life Is Strange, Breaks, Manga Shakespeare, Back To The Future, and also Doctor Who She is also responsible for the very existence[...]
16MAR99: Actress JULIE STRAIN at the world premiere of
This is the third time that Julie Strain has been reported as having passed, but sadly this seems to be the final time, as Heavy Metal Magazine reports that Julie died on January 10th 2021 after a battle with dementia. "I am the chick that they call when they want a gun-toting amazon-bitch-Barbarella-merciless-bitch with a machine[...]
Tony Lee & Richard Friend Create Joe Satriani Comic, Crystal Planet
Incendium and Heavy Metal Magazine have announced the launch of Crystal Planet, a new comic book created by Joe Satriani and Ned Evett, under all-new music focused OPUS imprint, but actually written by Tony Lee, drawn by Richard Friend and coloured by Carlos Cabrera Tony Lee will be known to Bleeding Cool for his work[...]
Steve Orlando, Ivan Shavrin's Starward From Heavy Metal in March 2021
Steve Orlando and Ivan Shavrin's Starward series is getting a promotion from Heavy Metal Magazine to its own series, launching from Heavy Metal in March, along with the re-solicitation of Cold Dead War – have the issues with Dan O'Bannon's estate been ironed out? Or are they just steamrollering ahead? Will check into this[...]
Heavy Metal Taarna and Avis Get Collectibles From Executive Replicas
Executive Replicas gives us our one-way ticket to midnight, call it, Heavy Metal The cult classic 1981 animated film Heavy Metal is back once again as Executive Replicas teams up with Loosecollector Collectibles to unveil the new Taarna and Avis Deluxe 1/12 figure set The set will feature the iconic lead of the film Taarna[...]
Richard Corben Has Died, Aged 80. Rest In Peace.
He is best known for his horror and fantasy stories, including work in Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, as well as Métal Hurlant and Heavy Metal Magazine, including his series Den, from his own publishing imprint, Fantagor Press. Richard Corben Has Died, Aged 80 Rest In Peace. Famed for his use of solid blacks, stipple effects and extreme body[...]
Grant Morrison and Gerhard's Absent Cat, Collected
Earlier this year, Bleeding Cool reported that a collection of Grant Morrison and Gerhard's Heavy Metal Magazine story The Smile of the Absent Cat was due for this coming January, after a number of delays The comic book, part of Grant Morrison's run as Editor-In-Chief of Heavy Metal, featured Louis Wain, an Edwardian artist known for[...]
Heavy Metal February 2021 Solicitations
We note that despite promises by Heavy Metal Magazine that they would resolicit Cold, Dead War in January – after Bleeding Cool posted legal challenges from the estate of Dan O'Bannon – that they have yet to do so Instead, February 2021 sees the solicitation of new series Chasing The Dragon by former IDW exec[...]
George Romero Launches Cold Dear War in Heavy Metal October 2020
Last month Bleeding Cool scooped the news that questions were being raised over Heavy Metal Magazine's decision to publish new comic book series based on Dan O'Bannon's B-17 story from the Heavy Metal animated movie One cover-featured story ran in Heavy Metal Magazine #300 Another was a sequel series called Cold Dead War written by[...]
Questions Over Heavy Metal, Dan O'Bannon and B-17
The editor in chief of Heavy Metal Magazine, Joe Illidge, recently gave an interview to ICV2 about the recently published Heavy Metal Magazine #300 The magazine featured, among many other stories, a new B-17 comic book story, the cover featured. Heavy Metal #300 cover featuring Dan O'Bannon's B-17. He stated, "Taarna and B‑17 are the two serials from[...]
Maiden, Taarna, Black Beacon, Rise, Heavy Metal December 2020 Solicits
Big launches for Heavy Metal Magazine in December, with Maiden by the legendary Bart Sears, a new Taarna series by Stephanie Phillips and Patrick Zircher, The Rise from George C Romero and Diego Yapur and Black Beacon from Ryan Lindsay and Sebastian Piriz – a number of which also appear in December's Heavy Metal Magazine[...]
George Romero Launches Cold Dear War in Heavy Metal October 2020
George C Romero is writing a comic book launching from Heavy Metal in October 2020, Cold Dead War #1 drawn by German Ponce, while Heavy Metal Magazine also serialise George C Romero's The Rise, his prequel to the film Night of the Living Dead.  We also get the launch of Brendan Columbus and Al Barrionuevo's Savage Circus,[...]
Vault Comics Enters Into Partnership With Heavy Metal
But is there safety in numbers? Vault Comics are partnering with Heavy Metal Entertainment, the details of which are not made clear. But the initial evidence will see the release of a selection of Vault's "Greatest Hits" titles to date, featuring exclusive new cover designs in the Heavy Metal style, a new digest anthology format for[...]