Review: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Gear by JINX

The crew over at JINX sent us a number of items to review for the fall and winter, and the second-biggest supply we got was a bunch of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gear! We'll start with the accessories, which we only got one of this time, this one being a frying pan keychain. This one made me laugh, simply because of how ridiculous the frying pan is as a melee weapon in PUBG, but it serves its purpose. Aside from having the PUBG logo where the rings should be, the rest of it looks like a regular frying pan where you'd cook your chicken dinner. This is a cool keychain, I can't deny, it's a nice little trinket to have with your keys to show off to other people. A winner if you dig these.

Next up is the PUBG Air Drop Windbreaker. This is straight-up polyester with a softer feel to it than you would normally expect from an item like this. It's clearly meant for bad weather, and it does the job of protecting you nicely as it is waterproof on the inside. You get a bit of a scuba neck going here to protect from the cold, and a three-panel hood that will seal around your head tight without letting any warmth out. You also have a couple of welt pockets on the sides to give your hands and gear some protection. While the design of the jacket is nice, we're not too fond of the half-camo look that goes all the way around. It's great for what it does, but it looks like two different jackets sewn together, which is weird.

Moving onto the line of t-shirts, we have the Supply Stash Pocket Tee. This is a grey design with 60% cotton and 40% polyester, with a bit of a tight-knit so it hugs the body a bit. On the front, you have a pocket with the logo while on the back you have an array of items you can pick up in the game to help you win, a few sitting on a supply crate. This is a nice design, very basic and to the point. But about the only thing we got use out of for the pocket was to hold change. Anything else looks bulgy or weighs it down.

Next up is the Vitruvian Man Premium Tee. This one is 100% cotton with a light tan look to it and the design in brown. You have here a standard character from the game in a pose from one of Leonardo Di Vinci's greatest works. Along with a full PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds logo on the front and a smaller version of the same on the back just below the neck. I thought this one was clever and did a fine job of showing off the game in a funny way, especially with the crosshairs. Well worth picking up to show off the game.

The next item is the Sports Team Premium Tee. I thought this design was really clever as well, as it turns a piece of the game into the kind of cartoon jerseys you might pick up from a sports store. Another 100% cotton shirt with a light grey color, showing off a guy in a suit with a Level 3 helmet on holding a frying pan and the Pochinki Looters as the home team. Another full PUBG logo is on the back below the neck. This one was smart and funny and the kind of shirt I would get for the game.

Next is the Boom Premium Tee. This one is like the others above with a darker grey coloring and artwork meant to be a parody of DOOM. It works well as far as the comedy factor and anyone who loves either game will enjoy the way the art was done to pay homage. It's not the best of the bunch (at least in my eyes) but it definitely is up there in terms of humor and design.

Finally, we have the Interlocking Inventory Premium Tee. Same as the ones above, this one in faded royal blue with a design showing off all of the items you can pick up int he game in the shape of a frying pan. This gets points for the subtlety of what they were going for and not just plastering the PUBG logo everywhere (well, except for the neck). This is the kind of geeky shirt I go for, where if you get it you get it, and if you don't you'll be trying to put it together for hours. Kudos on this design.

Overall, a lot of these designs were clever and funny, and I would plunk down cash on a couple of these being a fan of the game. The jacket was probably the one item I had an issue with, just because the design of it looks weird. But I know there are people who would dig it even if it doesn't make sense. But if you're a PUBG fan, there's something in here for pretty much everyone that will tick all the boxes.

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