REVIEW: G.I. Joe #5 -- "This Series Might Be Finding Its Footing"

REVIEW: G.I. Joe #5 — "This Series Might Be Finding Its Footing"

Jinx and Stalker go to save the barbaric community before killer Cobra robots come back to finish what they started in Indianapolis, but what happens is nothing the Joes could have expected The line work is crystal clear and effective, the colors simple and explicit, but the very large cast of characters riffed too close[...]

Review: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Gear by JINX

The crew over at JINX sent us a number of items to review for the fall and winter, and the second-biggest supply we got was a bunch of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gear! We'll start with the accessories, which we only got one of this time, this one being a frying pan keychain This one made me laugh,[...]

Review: Jinx Overwatch Winter Gear

The people at Jinx just keep on rolling out the goods for the Overwatch brand when it comes to clothing and accessories, and we got a new set of winter goodies to review We'll start with a couple of the regular gear basics, and the first item on the list is this Icon Buttondown Shirt[...]

Review: Jinx's Rocket League Gear and Accessories

We recently received a shipment of some awesome gear again from Jinx to review, and the first item on the list is these new items from Rocket League These are all new items released for the fall that are on Jinx's website for those of you who are obsessed fans with the racing soccer game[...]

Nerf This Design! We Review Jinx's Overwatch Premium Tees

The last set of items we so humbly received from Jinx a few weeks ago are a set of Overwatch Premium Tees featuring some of the game's characters Now don't get me wrong, I love a good t-shirt, but these aren't exactly the standard designs you'd see from either Jinx or Blizzard, as each one[...]

Back to School Gear: We Review Jinx's Overwatch Backpacks

The next couple of items that came in our large shipment of Overwatch gear to review from Jinx were a pair of Overwatch backpacks Just in time for school, no less! While both of these may look similar, they actually have a few differences that we're going to go over that may influence what you[...]

Commanding Cranial Cover: We Review Jinx's Overwatch Hats

Among the awesome set of Overwatch items we received from Jinx a few weeks ago were an amazing set of snap back hats We actually received two sets of hats from two different collections, and we were curious how well all of them look and which set feels superior.The first set released several months ago[...]

Accessories to Die For: We Review Jinx's Wallet and Wristbands for Overwatch

A few weeks ago we received some awesome items from Jinx from their latest run of Overwatch gear Among them were some interesting accessories We received a pair of wristbands and a wallet linked to the game So how well do these accessories hold up?First, let's start with the armbands Each one is made specifically[...]

Clothing Review: Phase Two of the Jinx Overwatch Ultimate Hoodies

We already discussed looking at hoodies from Jinx as fall approaches, but this time we're going into the world of Overwatch with the second phase of their Ultimate Hoodies The first batch of them were amazing and just in time as winter came in While we'd love to fashion these off for you like the[...]

Clothing Review: Jinx Summer Gaming T-Shirts

The next set of items we received from Jinx for the summer was a set of awesome t-shirts with a whole new set of designs and prints We'll start with the Nocturnal Raid Brigade shirt which came in a sleek black This is one of three double designs with a small logo across the heart with[...]

Clothing Review: Jinx Endgame Zip-Up Hoodie

The next article of clothing we're taking a crack at from Jinx was this awesome blue hoodie they sent us for review they called the Endgame Zip-Up Hoodie While it may not be totally ideal for us to review it while it's scorching hot outside, fall is slowly approaching and we need something to bundle us[...]

Review: Jinx Splash Damage and Power Creep Shorts

Over the past month, we received a lot of awesome clothing from the good folks at Jinx to review Now that we've spent some time wearing them, its time to tell you how they feel We'll start with some summer favorites as we try out the Splash Damage and Power Creep shorts First up is the[...]

Checking Out Some of the Overwatch Goodies from Jinx at PAX East

We always have fun chatting with the people at Jinx, so we were particularly interested to go check out their booth at PAX East this year as they would be showing off a few new items that we desperately need in our closet The first thing we did was snag ourselves the exclusive hoodie they had[...]

jinx pax 2018 hoodie

Jinx Announces New Gamer Hoodie Available Only at PAX East

The first big item to come across our desk is this exclusive hoodie from Jinx that will only be available in Boston The hoodie looks like your standard kind of esports team jacket you may see teams walk around in, but take a closer look as you're getting a Boston Bruins-themed logo on the front with[...]

overwatch ultimate hoodies

Answering the Call in Style: We Review the Overwatch Ultimate Hoodies by Jinx

Near the start of winter, Jinx finally released the first wave of amazing Overwatch Ultimate Hoodies that they had been teasing for several months These are specially designed hoodies that reflect one specific character on each, and the minute they hit the net, people were clamoring for them! We were lucky enough to be sent the[...]

Picking Your Favorite Spartan With Jinx's Halo Figures

Jinx has thrown their hat into the ring with two new figures you may be interested in, featuring Master Chief and Spartan Locke.Both figures stand six inches tall and are taken from the designs in Halo 5 Their design is kind of odd but unique as they have bodies that look skinny while having heads twice[...]

Stay As Warm As Master Chief: We Review Jinx's Line Of Halo Jackets

Jinx is one of those clothing companies who put out awesome merch that you don't know how awesome it is until you put it on Recently the company sent us a couple of jackets specifically designed for the Halo universe Today we're looking at their UNSC Bomber Jacket and their UNSC Army Jacket, just in[...]

Messing Around With JiNX's Latest Minecraft Adventure Figures

Recently we reviewed a set of Minecraft toys from JiNX that were pretty cool as they came in small boxes where you could connect all the pieces But after that review, JiNX sent us something a little more awesome our way from their Minecraft line A new set of Adventure Figures were sent our way[...]

More Minecraft Craftables From JiNX & Extra Goodies To Review

JiNX has had a pretty good run with Minecraft products as of late, ranging from hats and gloves to plushies and t-shirts, all aimed at making even the most jaded fan happy and able to show off their love for the game The company just released some brand new items and we got a few[...]

Jinx Sent Us Some Overwatch Gear, So Of Course We Tried It On!

A couple weeks ago I got some really cool news sent my way: J!nx (or Jinx, if you prefer) came out with a set of Overwatch clothing and gear to celebrate the game's anniversary Naturally, being a player, I couldn't resist — I asked what we could snag for review Below are some of the awesome[...]