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Joe Carnahan To Direct Five Against A Bullet

The plot follows five bodyguards who are hired by a Mexican politician to protect him through a particularly nasty election cycle right after his father was assassinated by a drug cartel.

Tom Hardy In New International Trailer For The Drop

This used to be called Animal Rescue, based on the short story of the same name by Dennis Lehane, but based on everything we've seen so far, The Drop is certainly a much more fitting title, if a little vague. Tom Hardy runs a bar with James Gandolfini, though not too many know it's actually […]

Final Trailer For Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

You know what final trailer means, time for clips, featurettes and promos to start! At least this is a good one nobody minds seeing more from. Here's more human vs ape action in the latest Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer. [youtube][/youtube]