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Fathers Day – Trailer
Who's the Daddy? When it comes to appearing in short films that help to publicise a good cause, it can only be Ray Winstone
Star Trek Into Darkness – The Bleeding Cool Review
Michael Moran has been to see the new Star Trek movie for us. His 1,000 word mission - to seek out new ways of telling you what this film's like without spoiling the plot. To boldly go where no reviewer has gone before.
Iron Man 3 – The Bleeding Cool Review
Can Tony Stark defeat his enemies AND the Curse Of The Threequel? Michael Moran reports on Iron Man 3, the start of Marvel Phase 2 and other numerological matters
Oblivion – The Bleeding Cool Review
Tom Cruise stars in a movie that's set after the end of the world. Is it worth visiting the radioactive ruins of your local cinema to see it? Michael Moran reports.