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What Is DC Comics 5G The Story So Far&#8230

"What Is DC Comics' 5G?" The Story So Far…

On the 13th of June, 2019, Bleeding Cool made the first mention of something DC Comics was planning called 5G. We had no idea what it was. All we knew was that it was, "something that is, or has, been planned at DC Comics at the upper creative and editorial echelons." It took until October […]

The True Horror of Crime SuspenStories #22

The True Horror of Crime SuspenStories #22

The horrific image on the front of Crime SuspenStories #22 by Johnny Craig has long been considered one of the most iconic covers in American comic book history.  It's a potent symbol of that moment in time:  EC Comics Publisher William Gaines tensely squaring off against Senator Estes Kefauver to debate the artistic merits of […]