Everything Brian Bendis Knew About Venom's Homeworld Was Wrong (Venom #4 Spoilers)

Five years ago, the Guardians Of The Galaxy (including Flash Thompson as Agent Venom) visited the homeworld of the alien symbiotes of which Venom was one, named as Klyntar, species and planet.

And we learnt things. Spelled out for us, even. Rewriting previous Planet of The Symbiotes continuity. And giving us an entire planet made out of symbiotes.

There were some pictures too.

But that was then. And Brian Bendis left Marvel. Giving Donny Cates full license to utterly rewrite that version of history. We have met Knull, god of the symbiotes… and now have learnt about the emergence of the very first symbiote. Completely rewriting their origins…

Created as a weapon, a blade…

Afraid of fire and sharp sounds, as Venom and other symbiotes are. And then being wielded as a godly weapon, until… a fall.

Another reference to a 2013 storyline, this time by Jason Aaron. From Thor: God Of Thunder, though this is more of an addition than a rewriting. Even the sound effects are preserved…

That is All Black, The Necrosword, darkness manipulating blade, wielded by Gorr the God Butcher, who used it to slay gods across the cosmos, create Black Berserkers minions and turning Gorr into an evil god. Eventually used by Thor to defeat him and then used by a future King Thor to defeat Galactus, then turning Galactus into the Butcher Of Worlds. and then absorbed by Ego The Living Planet, turning him into Necroworld. And now revealed as the original symbiote.

Which is pretty neat. And as for the planet. Not a planet. It has a greater purpose. Just as Knull means something else in Swedish, so Klyntar means something else in Symbian.

And now the god of the Klyntar has been released. He's not happy…

(W) Donny Cates (A/CA) Ryan Stegman
• An ancient Klyntar has awakened on Earth, and with it, something has stirred in Eddie Brock's symbiote.
•  And while Venom would never do anything to hurt Eddie or an innocent person, the ancient symbiote has no such qualms…
Rated T+ In Shops: Jul 25, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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