Cerebus TV – Getting A Little Bit Animated


The countdown to the launch of Cerebus TV continues. The front page of the site now contains a short Cerebus animation as the Earth Pig rides a horse in silhouette.

It also has the high bid for Dave Sim's only store signing for 2010 (plus stock) at;

I would like to bid six hundred and eighty seven dollars and seventy four cents. Plus a steak and/or lobster dinner, a box of good comics, four rolls of paper for Dave's fax machine, and a Strange Adventures mug and sweater.

So what's next? Well, apparently we can espect sample footage from the Mid-Ohio Con to air on Cerebus TV any time now, alongside a few other clips to test how the site handles video, running intermittently until Friday. Dave Sim says that "I can promise it will be about as exciting as a sound check at a concert."

Dave wants to thank those who have donated at the site, and to let people know that John Scrudder of Cerebus TV will be shooting at Baltimore this weekend… anyone see a man in a Cerebus TV sports jacket with a camcorder?

Cerebus TV is still going live on October 23rd…

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