Get A Sneak Peek At Resurrectionists #3 And The First Trade Cover From Dark Horse

Resurrectionists arrived this week in its first issue from Dark Horse and you may recall that we did a big old interview with writer Fred Van Lente here on Bleeding Cool recently about the series, which features reincarnation, remembered lives, and a multi-millenia series of heists as well as agents who recall their past lives and do battle over time.

Now you can get an insider look at the upcoming 3rd issue, in what appears to be a story featuring a Harry Houdini-like figure, "The Unfathomable Karnstein", escaping extreme circumstances and a female assassin:

RESURS #3 PG 01 RESURS #3 PG 02 RESURS #3 PG 03 RESURS #3 PG 04-05 RESURS #3 PG 06 RESURS #3 PG 07

And here's our super-advance look at what the trade cover for Resurrectionists Volume 1 will look like:


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