Teens Get Bored And Make Weird Bets: Jughead #12

Growing up, people often looked at me with three heads when I said Jughead was my favorite Archie character. On the surface he seemed to only care about food and no one else, but really Jughead is the most grounded character, and he cares deeply. stl029365Sabrina, everyone's favorite teenage witch, knows this. In the last issue they go on a date, it doesn't go super well, so Sabrina puts a spell on him. Except now Jughead is even more likeable. Oh woe is he.

We open with the gang playing a fantastic parody of Mario Kart. Artist Derek Charm wastes no time in playing up visual gags, first with giving video game Archie a wonky hammer shark like face, and second in having Pop Tate on a cloud, rescuing any fallen kart members. His take on Jughead turning into a dinosaur within the game is also pretty funny, and utterly charming as well. I am also a fan of his other pop culture nods within the story; specifically the Speed Racer one at the end of this issue.


Eventually Reggie wins, and we all soon learn that because of said win, he is now "King for a day". Writer Ryan North plays this up really well, doling out one good zing after another. My personal favorite is when Veronica is complaining, and quips "Teens get bored and make weird bets." We know Veronica, small town life is still out of your grasp. The story only continues to become more bizarre, but in the best was possible. In this Archie universe, Veronica has oiled up muscle men at her disposal. Jughead runs a few successful Instagrub accounts. Its clear Charm and North are having a ball with this series, and I hope they stay on for as long as possible. If you haven't added Jughead to your pull list, do so. You will not be let down.

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