Beast Kingdom Debuts the Frog of Thunder from Marvel Studios Loki

Marvel Studios Loki was a fascinating series that kicked off what would be the Multiverse Saga. The series expanded what we knew about the MCU from Variants, multiple realities, and plenty of Easter Eggs to around. Eagle eye views defiantly pointed out some pretty amazing Easter Eggs in the film, like the Thanoscopter and Throg the Frog of Thunder. Throg was simply Thor, who was turned into a frog by Loki, but has since become so much more. Beast Kingdom has seemingly Brough Throg to life as they have revealed their new Loki Frog of Thunder Life Size Statue. Coming in at roughly 10.24" tall, Throg has been captured in a glass jar and is stuck at the end of time and space. Beast Kingdom loaded this amphibian with impressive detail, fabric cape, and sculpted in a sweet diorama. This is the ultimate Throg collectible for Thor fans, and he is priced at $249.99. Loki fans can expect this thunderous frog to arrive in July 2023, and pre-orders are live here. 

"In the Thor comic #364, released back in 1986, fans were introduced to an exciting new take on Thor, unlike anything seen before. Thor, who still retains all his god-like powers is transformed by his brother Loki to a pint-sized frog! The spell cast on Thor thrusts him into a miniature but grand battle between the Frog and Mouse empires! As always Thor with his trusty hammer reigns supreme and once again stops Loki's evil plans!"

"Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' is ready to showcase a 1:1 sized statue of Thorg the unique frog god of thunder! The detail's down to the smooth, bright frog skin is accurately recreated. The scene captures the moment Thorg is encased in a glass jar, with the infamous T365 label, whilst standing on a rocky hill! Make sure this unique take on a classic, yet whacky Thor is delivered to a desk near you. Only from an official Beast Kingdom outlet!"

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