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President Loki Comes Arrives as Hot Toys Newest Marvel Disney+ Figure
In Episode 5 of Loki, we were finally introduced to another popular variant of the God of Mischief President Loki swept fans off their feet, and Hot Toys is bringing him to life as their newest 1/6 scale Marvel figure The figure is expertly crafted, capturing the likeness of Tom Hiddleston perfectly, and he is[...]
Miss Minutes and Alligator Loki Get Plushes Pre-orders from shopDisney
Of course, 2021 had set pretty remarkable Marvel projects like Loki, which introduced some pretty great new characters Two of those characters are back and in soft and comfy plush form with Miss Minutes and Alligator Loki Alligator Loki measures at a might 31" long and will show off this Loki variant with his green[...]
Miss Minutes From Loki TV Show To be Part Of Marvel's Timeless
In the Loki TV show, Miss Minutes is an artificial intelligence created by He Who Remains to observe and provide aid to the Time Variance Authority Serving as the TVA's animated mascot, she spread the organization's propaganda to its workers and Variants while also serving as the liaison between He Who Remains and the TVA's[...]
Pre-orders Arrive for Hasbro’s New Lady Loki Marvel Legends Figure
Lady Loki is back once again as Hasbro finally puts up pre-orders for their Marvel Legends Agent of Asgard Loki figure As part of their retro-inspired card-backed figure line, this Asgardian Trickster is back but with a new gender this time around Lady Loki has already been introduced in Marvel Comics years ago with a[...]
Beast Kingdoms Reveals New Marvel Studios Disney+ TV Show Statues
We have already seen WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and What If…?, with plenty more to come Beast Kingdom is back with some new Diorama Stage statues that capture some of the magic from these hit Marvel series WandaVision and Loki are the first two getting statues with Scarlet Witch during the[...]
Loki Receives New Avengers: Infinity War MAFEX Marvel Figure
Loki was an absolutely incredible Disney+ series that literally shook the Marvel Cinematic Universe to its core Sadly, to get to that moment we had to say goodbye to Loki and his tragic end in Avengers: Infinity War The God of Mischief went toe-to-toe with Thanos and sadly lost, but that version of Loki still[...]
So the last time we checked in with Disney+ and Marvel Studios' Tom Hiddleston-starring Loki, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was giving folks the heads-up that the search for a new director (more on that below) for the second season would be getting underway soon Now let's flash ahead close to two months later and[...]
Hot Toys Unveils Sylvie Laufeydottir 1/6th Scale Figure from Loki
One of the biggest characters to come out of the Disney+ series, Loki, was not our version but a variant known as Sylvie This Goddess of Mischief played a massive role in the show and even changed the course of the MCU moving forward Hot Toys teased two figures coming from the show in 1/6th[...]
Hot Toys Reveals Marvel Studios Loki Variant 1/6th Scale Figure
Fans have been patiently waiting for Hot Toys to reveals their teased Marvel Studios Disney+ Loki figures and today is that day The variant of Loki has arrived and is ready to break reality and expand the multiverse as we know it This God of Mischief is back with an incredible sculpt showcasing Tom Hiddleston's[...]
Marvel Studios Encourages You To Be More Loki
Just too late for Christmas, Marvel will be publishing Be More Loki: Alternative Thinking From the God of Mischief, out on the 28th of December Full of inspirational quotes and thoughts in order to… be a dick? That seems to be the common thread… but for the 23rd of November they are also doing a[...]
Fantastic Four Establishes Sacred Timeline For Marvel Comics As Well
We'd already mentioned how the Kangs were calling each other Variants now, seemingly in reference to Loki Well there's more We get the Neverspace made up of broken timelines… A place for Kangs, across timelines and timezones, to gather, plot, plan, regroup and restrategise. That's when they get along of course It's just that Kangs rarely do. And[...]
Marvel Comics Calls Alternate Versions "Variants" For The First Time
The Disney+ TV series Loki introduced a new word to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for parallel dimension versions of characters, called Variants, spinning out of the One True Timeline A subtle reflection of comic books' modern tendencies to have variant covers, the term stuck, and is now likely to be reflected in upcoming movies, Spider-Man:[...]
When Disney+ and Marvel Studios' Tom Hiddleston-starring Loki wrapped up its run, there were two surprises waiting for viewers On the plus side, there came the news that the series would be returning for a second season- made official before the (now) season finale wrapped Unfortunately, the downside brought with it the news that director[...]
FCBD Avengrs Spoilers
And, just like the movies and the TV shows right now, it's all about the Multiverse, as portrayed by Iban Coello.  As we are introduced to the God Quarry, a dumping pit for the Multiverse, introduced by Jeff Lemire in his Thanos series but now bearing some similarity to the Void in the recent Loki TV[...]